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Wearable Manufacturing Startup, GiveVision Partners with Conglomerate Giant, Sony

UK-based wearables manufacturing startup, GiveVision, that helps visual impairments patients to restore their sights, has announced its partnership deal with Sony, the renowned conglomerate company. The company has declared that it has inked the deal through Sony’s UK technology Center in order to manufacture and develop its next-generation device. As a part of this partnership, GiveVision have to relocate its design office to Sony UK Tec facility in Wales, UK.
According to GiveVision, the company is planning to launch a new lightweight version of its ‘Sight Plus’ device into the market with Sony UK Tec. In this new version, the company has condensed its vision enhancing technology into a single pair of glasses. To date, NHS, Pfizer, and Telefonica have supported the company for its efforts.
GiveVision mentions, “The collaboration with Sony will add to the expertise of the existing GiveVision team, and provide world leading technology expertise around camera, display and smartphone innovation, as well as a global manufacturing footprint.
As per the words of Stan Karpenko, the CEO of GiveVision, around 1 among 3 people lose their sight by the age of 65 from diabetic retinopathy and age related macular degeneration (related to macula of the eye). And for those ones, no options are available to cure, or only few are there to restore vision.
Stan stated, “Those that have been affected suffer immensely every single day. But with better ‘tools’ we can make them suffer less. We can help them to be more independent which will improve their quality of life significantly.” He added, “At GiveVision we have developed a pair of electronic glasses that helps patients with even the most severe cases of un-curable sight loss to see clearly again by projecting a video of real-world into the working part of the retina.

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