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iPad Pro’s LIDAR scanner to check in with Augmented Reality

Apple has taken its latest invention of the iPad Pro to the next level when it comes to matters of augmented reality. The latest iPad Pro’s built in Lidar scanner can turn a living room into an augmented reality version of hot lava. Hot lava is a video game pastime for the younger generation where you jump on furniture to save yourself from the hot lava that is writhing on the floor. This Lidar announcement was done in order to announce the launch of the iPad Pro.
The game of Hot Lava is available on various platforms such as Steam, though its mobile version is available on the Apple Arcade exclusively. The Lidar Scanner has enabled Hot Lava as the new augmented reality in virtual gaming and it would be available later in the year 2020. Apple played it well as this game is the perfect way to show off the capabilities of the Lidar scanner. It functions in a way that the app generates hot lava on the floor and the characters or the people playing the game have to jump away from it.
There is a CAD app that scans the room and gives a similar model of the room in the app. This model can then be edited by the users to add new objects to the room and these objects can then be viewed in the real room by using augmented reality. Another fun technology is that of the range of motion of someone’s arm in real time.

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