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Jason Toledano, CEO, WattcoTM

Wattco: A Legacy Built on Excellence in Quality Manufacturing

Possessing unparalleled expertise in a certain niche is what defines a company’s position in the market. This expertise is what separates the best from the crowd. Ensuring trust and building confidence within stakeholders and customers can be achieved effortlessly when this proven expertise is exhibited.
In pertinence, WattcoTM has been exhibiting this expertise for more than fifty years in the Electrical and Electronic Manufacturing niche. The company has been in the business of manufacturing a complete line of flange heaters, circulation heaters, tubular heaters, and immersion heating elements for a wide variety of industrial and commercial applications.
In the following interview, Jason Toledano, the CEO shares with us insights on the company’s proficiency in delivering quality equipment, his role in spearheading Wattco to zeniths of success, and what more can be expected in the future.
Below are the highlights of the interview:
Brief our readers about your company, your niche market, and your vision.
We are a 50-year-old engineering systems manufacturer of electric heating processing equipment and controls for many industries including: Renewable Energy, Chemical, Oil and Gas, Food, Defense, HVAC, and pharmaceutical sector.
What makes your company a preferred choice over your competitors? List the products and your expertise that you want to highlight in this article.
Wattco is one of the few remaining manufacturers that can offer certified hazardous location systems for both controls and process heating equipment. We offer extremely quick engineering to manufacturing times, trained knowledgeable staff and only use the highest quality of raw materials coupled with over a half century of experience.
Our internal structure is primarily based around core family values which allow us to provide the personal service that is lacking from our competition. Our immersion heater line, which include electric heaters such as flanged heaters, oil heaters, circulation heaters, skid heating systems give process industries the tools they require for the global project demands that require clean energy heat.
Renewable energy is using our duct heaters for load banks and control panels for projects that did not exist 30 years ago. Infrared heaters are being used for major infrastructure projects such as the REM project that is rolling out in Quebec and around the world.
Being in a leadership position, what is your opinion on the impact of the current pandemic on the manufacturing business?
As devastating as the pandemic is, it opens opportunities for manufacturers like ourselves to move out of our comfort zone and think ‘out of the box’ to become more efficient and competitively.
The pandemic will force companies to become leaner and more competitive. Less waste and more output. Reinvest into better technologies such as software and machinery to allow for a better ROI to weather more difficult times. Most importantly, it will give our existing employees the confidence of great decisions and future growth given the obstacles that we faced.
How necessary do you think it is to align one’s business with the latest technological developments?
This is a necessity. Research and Development is key to competitiveness and to improve profitability and improve the quality of our products. Reinvestment into advanced machinery and capital equipment is key to improved efficiencies and profitability.
As an established business leader, what would be your advice to the budding entrepreneurs aspiring to venture into the manufacturing business?
Do your research well, create a good business plan, and do not succumb to decisions based on emotions and more on quantifiable calculated risks. With the generational expectations changing in the workforce, thinking ‘out of the box’ isn’t just a suggestion, but more of a necessity. Salary isn’t everything. Offering an open atmosphere based around the employees’ needs is more important now than ever.
How do you envision on sustaining your company’s competency in this ever-cutthroat business ecosystem?
Being in business for more than 50 years gives us additional edge over our competition as our experience provides us business insight to help guide us through challenging times. Our high retention rate with our customers is a result of the exceptional relationships we’ve cultivated over the years that could only help us grow the company in areas where opportunities present themselves.
Where do you see your company in the next five years?
Opening a facility in the United States and expanding our product lines to handle the ever-increasing global projects that we are encountering every day in order to help contribute in the reduction of fossil fuel dependency.
About the leader
Jason Toledano, the CEO has brought his motivational leadership required to propel the company past its competitors by being constantly in touch with his entire staff, regardless of paygrade. His insight into opportunities allows the company to work rapidly and deploy strategies that prepares the company for the wave of demand that is constantly evolving.
Expansion into building infrastructure, reinvestment into capital machinery and quality personnel, as well as the creation of synergies among our existing suppliers creates a partnership relationship rather than a ‘customer/supplier dynamic’. This invaluable leadership opens up limitless possibilities for the company as a whole.