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Anuj Jain, CEO, Avnan

Avnan: Simplifying and Managing Supply Chain Transparently

Having a strong manufacturing sector is the most important component for the growth and development of any nation. Without this growth and development, a nation experiences stunted comprehensive progress.
Improving physical infrastructure, from supply chain management to the power sector, is essential for the growth of the manufacturing sector. Avnan is an exemplary company that strives to provide customers with best-in-class electronics design and global manufacturing solutions, mitigating risks in the overall supply chain.
The company provides tailored design and engineering solutions that meet the unique requirements of customers. It offers a proven process and engineering skills to get the job done with proven expertise.
Providing Best Possible Product from Design to Delivery
Avnan is an Ontario-based electronics manufacturing solution that empowers Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) to fulfill their design, validation, and production needs quickly and cost-effectively, through a seamless, stress-free process. The company is flexible enough to support startups and established brands.
Avnan helps customers by simplifying and managing the supply chain transparently, aiming to provide the best possible product from design through assembly and delivery. As an ISO 9001-certified company, they are committed to the highest quality standards.
Facilitating High-quality Production
With locations in the US, Canada, India, China, and Hong Kong, and a network of manufacturing partners worldwide, Avnan can offer flexible solutions that make it easy for OEMs to produce high-quality products affordably and safely. That flexibility is key in times when there are component shortages, supply chain complications, and new or complex tariffs. Not only can they help companies choose the right location to manufacture their product, but they can also quickly move production if circumstances change.
What’s more noteworthy is that Avnan has an experienced team supporting supply chain management. This team has been able to help customers navigate delays and shortages successfully in the past year, mitigating a lot of potential damage.
Expertise that Inspires
Anuj Jain, the CEO is the driving force of Avnan’s voyage towards business excellence. Anuj is an experienced CEO with a demonstrated history in the electrical and electronic manufacturing industry. He has over 20 years of experience in leading an entrepreneurial, high-growth business. He is passionate about empowering people and skilled at motivating them to achieve their best.
Avnan began as a family business, and Anuj took the reins from his father. He says, “Being part of a 25-year-old company, from its inception, teaches you a lot of lessons, particularly in telling you where your strengths and weaknesses lie.” When Anuj first began managing the company, he felt like he needed to control everything. Now, his greatest contribution has been letting go. Anuj has hired experts to head each department—including a COO—and he gets out of the way and lets them do their jobs. That frees him up to focus on the company’s strategic vision and growth, including some future acquisitions.
Being Strategic in Long-term Thinking
Anuj says that the pandemic obviously had a tremendous impact on the supply chain. Avnan has seen a lot of shipping delays and component shortages. The pandemic also forced manufacturing businesses to get very creative and very resourceful – including themselves. They have needed to become even more strategic in their long-term thinking for their clients and to look for alternatives.
Another shift that’s resulted from the pandemic has been the focus on home improvement and comfort. Since everyone has been on lockdown for at least some part of the past year, there’s been a lot of innovation around home improvement and making living spaces more comfortable.
At Avnan, they have decades of experience in HVAC, as well as ERV and HRV, and they are leveraging that expertise to drive innovation in indoor air quality (IAQ). IAQ has become top-of-mind as people look to not only make their homes more comfortable but also safer. At Avnan, they are keeping their eye on the shifting market while investing time and energy into IAQ.
Implementing Latest Technologies
Anuj believes that it is absolutely critical to align one’s business with the latest technological development, especially in their work. In the electronics space, they have to bring new ideas to their clients, whether that means connecting an existing product to the Internet of Things (IoT), adding voice controls, or integrating touchscreens. For them, focusing on IAQ, they really have to think about how they are going to innovate for the end-user and make their air quality better, with intelligence, elegance, and ease.
Rethinking Approach to Manufacturing
Anuj believes that there is so much opportunity for innovation and disruption in manufacturing. He advises aspiring entrepreneurs in the manufacturing business should focus on disruption. His suggestion is that they bring in AI, robotics, 3D printing, and rethink everything. “We’re so sold on the narrative that all the opportunities for overnight success are in digital,” he says.  “But rapid growth is possible in manufacturing too.” Anuj recommends to aspiring entrepreneurs that the customized manufacturing is a great area to look at for growth, especially with the lessons from the pandemic about the ability to pivot quickly.
Innovating and Growing as Market Demands
Avnan’s ability to be nimble has been its strength over the years and will continue to contribute to its growth. It is in a space where there’s a lot of commoditization, so adding value is key. Its team’s engineering and design capabilities have layered in tremendous value, as have its project managers who have been able to navigate so many unforeseen supply chain issues over the past few years. And yet, as competitive as the market is, Avnan is still projecting growth. There will always be a need for engineering and manufacturing, and at Avnan, they are prepared to innovate and grow as the market demands. One area they have set their sights on for growth is their own backyard. They know Canada will benefit both financially and in terms of security by having more manufacturing capabilities in-country, and they want to contribute to that.