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S.U. Moon, CEO, Foreseeson Technology Inc.

Foreseeson Technology Inc.: Your Go-to Brand for all things Manufacturing.

Technology has become the driving force of every other aspect of our lives. From handheld devices to medical equipment, each sphere of the industrial world has been spearheaded to the peaks of development through innovation.
Innovation of technology—irrespective of what discipline—demands expertise. Companies with proven proficiency in leveraging the best of their resources and talents have excelled in delivering innovative products, solutions, and services.
One prominent name among such companies is Foreseeson Technology Inc., a multifaceted, award-winning Technology Innovator in Richmond, BC, Canada providing services in Electronics manufacturing, IT Security Distribution, Electric Vehicles Charging Equipment, and other Green Technology solutions like Battery, Solar, and Wind turbine. The company has experienced over 20 years of continuous growth through innovation and assiduous talent. It is now the largest it has ever been in its history with over 100 employees.
Foreseeson’s vision is to continuously push the boundaries in Electronic Manufacturing, cutting-edge IT security product distribution and greener technologies, to help communities make a better world by offering more innovative and environment-friendly technology products.
“We aim to become a total technology solution provider, from development, manufacturing, sales, and marketing, including its warranty services for North American customers,” says S.U. Moon the CEO of Foreseeson Technology Inc.
Foreseeson Technology has been ranked on Business In Top 100 Manufacturers in Metro Vancouver 2021. Having set its movement high and expanding the business with additional facilities in 2.1 acres of land and a 40,000 sq. ft. office and factory, Foreseeson is looking forward to amplifying its growth as a leader in the Vancouver manufacturing industry.
Redefining Benchmarks
When it comes to the question of why Foreseeson has become the preferred name in Manufacturing and Distribution Services space, the company demonstrates five compelling reasons:
Strength: Continuing to grow in various ways, leveraging employees’ talents and the diversity of operations, and through this growth, the company will become stronger organizationally and financially.
Employees: They are Foreseeson’s most significant value – it fosters an environment of collaboration.
Professionalism: The company recruits and trains the best people available, providing them with the tools and systems that will allow them to perform best. Foreseeson’s customers will recognize it as a professional, friendly, and courteous business partner.
Accountability: Foreseeson holds itself accountable for its success and focuses on its responsibility to customers and other performance standards as a priority throughout its commitments, credibility, reliability, and integrity.
Innovation: Foreseeson will sustain its competitive advantage through continuous improvement. The company will keep in touch with the pulse of emerging trends by conducting business in a manner responsible to the environment and the society.
Opinions that Matter
We asked Mr Moon for his opinion on the impact of the current pandemic on the manufacturing business to which he says, “My opinion on the current pandemic is that most manufacturing businesses must follow strict rules and guidelines for protecting employees. In our company, employees follow strict COVID-19 protocols such as keeping 2-meter distances and wearing masks.”
“Meanwhile, we remain fully operational to provide essential goods and services for medical and critical infrastructure clients. Some employees work from home, and it results in delayed responses and services. We try to catch up with slow and delayed responses. Overall, we strictly comply with COVID-19 rules but remain operational. I believe other manufacturing businesses are dealing with a similar situation,” he adds.
On the part of aligning a manufacturing business with latest technological developments, Mr Moon opines, “Foreseeson stays abreast and aligns its business with the latest technological developments to remain competitive and successful. We invested in new automated machines to keep the manufacturing line efficient and cost-competitive while meeting the growing demand from our customers to produce their products with the latest technologies.”
“Also, we have designed and developed our own Workflow Management System which synchronizes and automates our manufacturing procedures,” adds Mr Moon.
The Keys to Excellence
As excerpts from his professional journey, Mr Moon shares valuable advice to those aspiring to venture into the manufacturing niche. “There is always a challenge to sustain the manufacturing business in North America. It is both a bad thing and a good thing. There is good motivation to improve the manufacturing process and productivity continuously. The survivor will be the winner,” he says.
Talking about his vision on Foreseeson Technology’s future, Mr Moon says, “Foreseeson aims to be a top state-of-the-art company in the future. With our diverse products and services involving development, manufacturing, and green technology, we believe that the company will contribute to improving our clients’ businesses.”