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Velofix: Do What You Love…Ride!

Have you ever been in a situation where your bike needs an immediate repair or service or any cure for that matter, and you don’t have enough time to visit a regular shop where your bike can be repaired. Don’t know about you, I have faced this issue number of times, be it laziness or any other reason sometimes it become quite a cumbersome job to leave my bike to a store from where I will have to pick it up after few days. Meanwhile during this period I have to live my life without the bike, which disturbs my normal routine. It is absolutely fine with me but it may not be for many people that need bike for their day-to- day travelling.
With a vision to eradicate this problem Vancouver based Velofix came into existence. Since its inception, the organization has disrupted the way consumers service and buy their bikes. The company is unique with its mobile concept in the industry that still depends on brick and mortar shops for service and delivery of bikes. Thanks to its innovative idea and its worth, currently velofix has corporate clients like Microsoft, Google, Tesla, Facebook and Starbucks.
Cycling without any Worry 
When it comes to providing service, velofix offers wide range of services including:

  • Last Mile Delivery and Bike Building: The professionally trained and certified mechanics of velofix provides delivery onsite bike building services for every type of bike. Whether your need a bike building for a road, mountain, triathlon, city, electric or kids bike, velofix got you covered.
  • Road, Tri and Cyclocross Services: It doesn’t matter if you are a beginner, or an elite cyclist who competes in races, triathlon, or occasionally participates in a Gran Fondo velofix is always there for help.
  • Mountain Bike Services: If you like to ride your bike through trails, the safety of your bike becomes a major concern. velofix also has a service package for your mountain bike, which will fit your diverse needs perfectly.
  • Commuter Bike Service: Currently, many people around the world use bikes as a primary mode of transport. If you are one amongst them, then don’t worry velofix is there to make sure your bike stays in perfect condition in order to get you from point A to point B.
  • À la Carte Bike Services: The organization also provides all-inclusive À la Carte Bike Services that includes almost every service mentioned in previous packages.
  • Bike Rental: velofix is slowly planning to launch its bike rental services in multiple cities. However, for now it is only available at velofix Kona.
  • Bike Fittings: The organization also wants to make sure that your bike is properly fitted so you can enjoy your ride
  • Bike Boxing Services: Going out of town on a trip and don’t want to leave you bike at home? velofix offers rental of bike bags and a bike pack up for travel.
  • Corporate Services: In this case, velofix’s mobile bike shop comes to your office to serve your employees’ bikes.
  • Fleet Management – velofix offers complete service of your Corporate Bikes.

Other than all these Bike services, the organization offers Ski and Snowboard Tuning and waxing.
Cyclist at Heart 
Back in 2012, Chris Guillemet, Boris Martin and Davide Xausa felt that brick and mortar stores were unable cater the growing needs of cyclists. Hence, they set out to create a Mobile Bike Shop. Chris already had the much needed management expertise gained through various companies. Davide Xausa provided with all his financial expertise and Boris brought the bike industry expertise.
Dedicated to their vision they started in Vancouver, which already had much more bike shops per capita than the rest of North America. Their efforts soon transpired into success, and eventually proved that velofix’s model offers the much needed convenience which a brick and mortar shop can’t provide, From launch in 2013 to almost 150 Franchise sold in North America.
Building Largest Fleet of Mobile Bike Shops 
Velofix provides a consistent, premium service experience direct to the customer allowing the customer to Save Time and Ride More. The organization has been formed with a core principal of focusing on innovation and looking for alternative ways to deliver a premium customer experience.
The organization envisions building the largest fleet of Mobile Bike Shops around the world and plans on expanding its business on a global level. According to velofix, the traditional service model is outdated, inconvenient and not sustainable. As more bikes are purchased online, the demand for a last mile delivery service will increase and consumers will expect service at their home or office.