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Tommy’s Express: Delivering Exemplary Car Washing Experiences

Cars are one of the most valuable assets people are concerned about. They spend a lot of time tending to its maintenance needs. And, the essential thing they consider a priority is the cleanliness of their car, as it is a low cost way to protect value and maintain appearance. Considering all these factors, Tommy’s Express felt the need to provide exemplary car wash services, and thus commenced with a single car wash outlet in Holland, Michigan in 1969.
Tommy’s Express has been in the business of building the best systems and processes to create outstanding car washes for 50 years. There are currently 7 corporate stores with an 8th breaking ground in 2019. 20 years ago, the company began an innovative equipment and building company, which has since built and/or equipped hundreds of car washes around the world. In 2016, they launched the Tommy’s Express Car Wash Franchise business, which currently has dozens of stores open or under construction, with well over one hundred in development.
Customized Offerings 
Tommy’s Express has got the tools and the expertise to keep its customer’s car clean, inside and out. Its wash packages include customized services, which enables customers to pay for the services they want. As frontrunners in the car wash industry, its facilities use the most modern equipment to ensure a clean car including the round arch design tunnel systems, Tommy Transporter Belt conveyer system, and its easy chem detergent management system.
Besides these features, the company also has the Tommy Club app-based membership club for its customers. Users can download the Tommy’s Express app on their mobile devices and select their wash package and monthly payment options. In addition, its license plate recognition software automatically matches their vehicle to their account. The cameras positioned behind their vehicle scan their license plate and detect the license plate number in seconds.
The Lead Visionary 
Ryan Essenburg is the Co-Owner and President of Tommy’s Express. Ryan began his love of car washing as a young child spending time at work with his father. In college he began dreaming of a new car wash building design, which paved the way to the current wash design and building model. He is considered a leading expert in the car wash industry and is a featured speaker at conventions. He continues to be the lead visionary for the company, with a keen understanding of every aspect of the wash and business processes. Ryan’s sister, Mandi, manages the corporate stores and was recently awarded Small Business Person of the Year by the local Chamber of Commerce.
Industry-leading Innovation 
Tommy’s Express is a family owned business and has been operation for 50 years. It has evolved as an industry-leading innovator through its exceptional facilities including energy-efficient wash equipment, iconic design, water reclamation systems, perfect layout, open concept, POD system, and dual house vacuums. In the year 2017, it set a record of 515,000 cars through a single tunnel express wash. Apart from this record, its unmatched marketing practices make the company standout from its competitors. Besides, Tommy Express also provides world class training in car wash management.
Committed to Second-to-none Guest Experience 
Since the inception of Tommy’s Express, the Essenburg family has been committed to a second-to-none guest experience. The company believes that a car wash is not just about a clean car, but is about helping every guest leave with improved self-identity and confidence. Simply put, we all feel better about ourselves when driving a clean car. The company is committed to providing that experience in the most effective, enjoyable, and efficient way possible. Tommy’s Express sees itself as the stand alone leader in car washing in the near future. The company is dedicated to being the fastest growing and most well run car wash operation in the United States and beyond.
Online Reviews 
“Awesome staff, very friendly. Also, the line moves very fast and the works wash is the best!”
“Awesome staff.. and outstanding deals.. free unlimited vacuums!! My absolute favorite carwash!”
“The Works wash package is what I decided to get knowing my car’s body, wheels, and tires will look shiny after the wash just like it did when I drove it off the New Car lot. The person in the vacuum area approached me to ensure my wash exceeded my expectations! It was completely unexpected for I noticed she was cleaning out the trash bins. What great customer service at a car wash?! I’ll be signing up my family’s vehicles!”
“We LOVE Tommy’s Express! We have an unlimited wash membership and we can go through the wash daily if we want! I work in construction and I like to keep my truck clean. THIS IS THE BEST! I always have the nicest truck on site because I can wash as much as I want. Highly suggest.”