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Driving towards fully Automated Future

It was 1908, when Henry Ford successfully started the production of the first Model T. Since then, there was no looking back for the company, it sold around 15 million Model T cars. Soon the production run of the Model T became one of the longest in the history until VW Beetle surpassed it in 1972.
Since 1908, the automotive technology has evolved by multiple folds. Nowadays we can buy cars that can be driven around without any human input, fuel efficient, powered by alternative energy etc.
Tesla is a very well-known badge when it comes to the fuel efficient and self-drive cars. With the release of few electric and hybrid vehicles that can be driven around more than hundreds of miles in a single charge Tesla kick-started the green revolution in the sector. However, due to the high production costs, Teslas were dream for many people around the world. Thanks to a bunch of other manufacturers like Kia, Toyota, Hyundai, Nissan and others, electric vehicles are becoming more and more affordable with each passing days. As per various researches, by 2030 United States will see 20%-25% electric vehicles in its freeways.
On the other hand, autonomous driving technology has become a rage nowadays. However, while organizations like Google and others are testing this technology on open roads, still we are quite a few miles away from widely adopting fully self-driven cars. Organizations like Volvo are equipping their cars with semi-autonomous technology, which includes blind spot warning, break assist, lane keep assist etc.
Like any other industry, AI and Machine Learning are playing a big role in the automotive industry. Slowly manufacturers are integrating AI and ML in order to automate the process of setting up a vehicle. Nowadays, vehicles can also be connected to smart devices and can take voice commands, changing the user interface. Predictive technology also informs if the vehicle needs any service or of any safety hazards.
So, with great enthusiasm Insights Success has shortlisted, “The 10 Best Automotive Franchise to Open in 2019”, who are redefining the automotive industry with their innovative solutions.
In this issue we have Green Shine, which is committed to providing vehicle owners with high-end products and services, Green Shine strives daily to conserve water, eliminate contaminated runoff, and protect natural resources, while exceeding customer expectations; Tommy’s Express Car Wash, which was built on 50 years of car washing experience, beginning with a single car wash in Holland, Michigan in 1969; Velofix, who provides a consistent, premium service experience direct to the customer allowing the customer to Save Time. Ride More.