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Unlashing Seamless Possibilities with API

With evolving times, preferences of consumers like us are changing rapidly. A lazy person like me nowadays doesn’t even bother to get up from the bed and change the song that is being played in my music system, instead I prefer to say “Ok Google: Play Girls like you” and like an obedient person my Google smart home speaker plays the song for me.
In the last year alone Google sold over six million of its smart home speakers. The trend doesn’t stop here; people are also using virtual assistants via smartphones, Amazon Dash button for their daily chores.
These are few new trends that were non-existent even few years ago. However, these trends highlight the need for better integration. It also has to support new use cases that hasn’t been used before. Soon the integration will be joined by robots, micro-services, and DevOps that will eventually make life simpler for geeks (developers) and customers like me.
So, below are trends that could change the world of API in coming years;
Ah! The good old and trusty chatbot. 2016 & 2017 was all about chatbots, and I personally don’t like them due to their inconsistency. However, in the real world scenario, chatbots will continue to grow even in 2018.
We have already seen nicely implemented chatbots especially when it comes to food and beverages industry. We can also assume that with each passing days, more companies will implement chatbots in a more sophisticated manner that can help us to a great extent.
Few days ago, I bought a simple bean bag and like a classic forgetful person I forgot to order beans for my bag. So, while on the go I tried to order beans via my smartphone, but failed to do so. After few attempts I gave up and waited to reach my place to order from my computer. However, to be honest if it was not the discount that the eCommerce site was providing, I would have bought the beans from any other site.
So, putting aside bedside stories, connecting various apps are no longer a process of reducing manual effort and getting the data. So, in the coming future, the retail industry will witness seamless and real-time data synchronization between systems of record and various POS which will ensure a buying experience like never before.
In order to shed light upon those advocating this disruption, Insights Success brings to you, The 10 Best Performing API Solution Providers, 2019.” Featuring on our cover is OpenLegacy, which is a Hybrid Integration and Management platform that creates APIs to leverage core (legacy) systems & quickly deliver innovative digital transformation projects. The company has experienced tremendous growth in the last year, both in terms of the organization itself and with regards to customer engagements and satisfaction. The company believes that executives should rethink their expectations for what’s possible: it no longer should take months or years to deliver a much-needed innovation to their market.
The other transformational companies which have made the list are, CognitiveClouds, which collaborates with startups and enterprises to design, develop, and deliver products that define the future; Cyclr, which is an embedded integration platform (embedded IPaaS) for SaaS applications; Jitterbit, which helps businesses accelerate their Digital Transformation and make faster, more effective decisions by enabling them to unify and exploit data from all sources, Loop AI Labs, which is a global leader in unsupervised Cognitive Computing based solutions for Digital Transformation and Cognitive Robotic Process Automation; and NEVERDIE Studios, which produces Worlds, Games, Virtual Products, Live Action Movies and Hit Records.
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– Kaustav Roy