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Soaring High with Technology

From homes to offices, apartments to villas, monuments to skyscrapers, everything has one thing in common and its construction. Human civilization would not have reached the point that it is now without construction if our ancestors hadn’t thought of covering their heads with a roof. We have come a long way since the stone age, and the construction sector has evolved with the times. It has grown at such a scale to create magnificent projects like Millau Viaduct, Palm Islands, The Venice Tide Barrier Project, and National Stadium, a.k.a. “Bird’s Nest,” to name a few.
I am often awestruck when I come across buildings with a distinctive design, which makes me wonder about the creative minds, human efforts, and the technology behind them. Technology has introduced innovative tools, machinery, modification, software, and much more, enabling diverse ways of the construction process. The inclusion of technology like robotics, drones, and wearables enhances the construction industry to newer heights.
With automated and semi-automated pieces of equipment, the advancements in the construction sector have allowed engineers to create stronger, taller, and more energy-efficient structures. Technology has also increased productivity, improved collaboration, and tackled complex designs.
Innovative technologies allow engineers to pre-construct building from the floorplans and layout in augmented and virtual reality, birthing 3D models of the project. These 3D models help predict possible challenges that may occur during the actual construction to ensure the safety of workers on-site and reduce risks. To further prevent any mishaps, site sensors are installed on-site to check temperatures, commotion levels, and volatile organic compounds to assist with restricting laborers’ exposure.
Technology has genuinely boosted the construction industry ahead of its time and will continue to do so in the future. To celebrate such technological marvels, we at Insights Success have compiled a list of The 10 Most Innovative Construction Tech Solution Providers 2021.
Featuring in the edition are the companies that embarked on a journey to assist the construction sector with their innovative tech solutions. These companies have positioned themselves to become the best and are paving a path towards a better technological future for the construction niche.
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