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Big Things Come in Small Packages: NanoScience

The word technology always sounds reassuring to me. And why wouldn’t it? We have utilized it in every aspect of our existence. From printing footsteps on Moon to boiling water at our homes, we rely on the same. It helps us to move from place to place, keeps us warm, provides safety from critical diseases and even protects us from ourselves. As fascinating as it may sound, we cannot avoid the fact that we have become dependent on technology.
Therefore it is time we talk about the potential it has to resolve the major issues we face or are going to face in the future. One of these major issues is lack of space. It may sound cliché but the issues regarding the same have become more evident and their concern is only going to rise in future. How? Let’s retrieve some logic from the fact that world population is growing at an alarming rate. Unfortunately, Thanos is merely a piece of fiction and there is no way we are getting rid of half of the human race. Hence eventually, we are going to run out of inhabitable space.
The remaining issues such as health and sanitation, cleanliness and lack of resources are also raising concerns. So, the need of the hour suggests that we must create tools that would help us optimize our resources. We need to build compact machines that save more energy and materials that are more sustainable. But how are we going to attain that? Enter Nanotechnology.
Nanotechnology has proved its mettle in almost all the sectors. The fact that it operates on a primary scale of substances which is atoms and molecules, it is likely that the technology can impact everything around us. One of the many benefits it offers is its utilization in healthcare sector. There are several ways in which nanotechnology helps medical space do better. The imaging and diagnostic tools have become more efficient and provide better results with great success rates. Moreover, researchers are working on minimizing the risk of healthy tissues from cancer by encapsulating nanoparticles in therapeutics.
When it comes to sustaining the environment, clean energy becomes a popular choice. It is the need of the hour to develop energy that is low on carbon footprint and is affordable to everyone. Nanoscience is making it possible by optimizing the traditional methods. With the help of same, the efficiency of fuel production can be improved through better catalysis. Higher efficiency combustion and decreased friction, which help vehicles perform effectively has become attainable with the help of nanotechnology.
However, sustainability through Nanoscience is not just limited to efficient energy. The materials we use on daily basis have also been upgraded with the help of Nano coating as it provides better quality and durability to the materials. Manufacturing industries have also been benefited by Nanoscience. Automobile space, in specific has leveraged the technology to make vehicles lightweight and strong, which also helps in fuel saving.
I personally believe it is still a long road for Nanotechnology. Its relevance with the world of technology goes down to molecular levels and this gives it the potential to start from the roots. And so it is expected that much like every other technology, It will contribute to make this world a better place.
Quote: Nanotechnology, making impossible, possible
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– Shubham Khamparia