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Improving Financial Performance with Budgeting and Forecasting

The purpose of the budgeting and forecasting is to evaluate current and future financial conditions to make pragmatic decisions. Budgeting and forecasting present estimated information based on past, present, and projected financial conditions. This helps to identify future revenue and expenditure styles that may have a short-term or long-term influence on strategic goals of businesses. Forecasting is an essential part of the annual budgeting process. An effective budgeting and forecasting allow for improved decision-making in maintaining monetary discipline and achieving indispensable business goals.
While running our businesses, many a times we get busy in our day-to-day-operations at the cost of more strategic priorities like annual forecasting and budgeting. In today’s ultra-competitive and super-busy business world, budgeting and forecasting are important financial disciplines for the success of a business. The budgeting and forecasting process plays a vital role in the growth of businesses. We’re all familiar with the proverb, “If we fail to plan then we plan to fail.” The businesses having a plan create a more crystalline picture of projected income and controlled expenses. Therefore it is essential to invest in budgeting and forecasting so as to have a clear idea of our finances.
Budgeting and forecasting solution providers play an important role when cash-flow in businesses varies greatly during the year. These providers help businesses to be prepared for the possible challenges in the future and also in regular ups and downs in businesses. Knowing when to increase or cut expenditure can be made easier with the help of budgeting and forecast reports by these providers. These solid reports by the solution providers help to identify ways to improve efficiency or profitability of businesses.
The budgeting and forecasting solution providers also help in making strategic choices that are in the best interest of the businesses of their users. These providers can help in choosing appropriate money investment plan and places where the money will have an opportunity to compound, grow and create more wealth for businesses over time. These providers can also help the businesses of their users recognize a new opportunity to increase their clientele or take benefit of capitalizing on a new product offering.
The budgeting and forecasting solution providers make the job of users easy by helping them with regular budgeting and forecasting reports. These providers help users by providing the most precise, automated and user-friendly budgets and cash-flow forecasts and some useful reports. These solution providers help in making an effective use of the resources in hands of their businesses.
Being cloud-based, these solution providers enable users to access reports from anywhere on any device giving users the opportunity to cooperate and collaborate on the production of budgets and reports. These budgeting and forecasting solution providers use new technologies and techniques to improve the quality and integrate new trends into their solutions.
The budget and forecasting solution providers save the valuable time of their users and allow them to focus on other important aspects of their businesses by taking care of financial management of users which directly contributes to the improved efficiency, profitability, and productivity of their businesses.
Therefore to improve efficiency, profitability and productivity it is indispensable to have a certified budgeting and forecasting solution provider to make effective choices.
Recognizing this, Insights Success has shortlisted, The 10 Best in Class Budgeting & Forecasting Solution Providers of 2018.”
Featuring as our Cover Story is a notable budgeting and forecasting solution provider Forecast5™.  Its analytics provides decision support tools for public sector entities. Its state-of-the-art analytics technology helps build annual or multi-year budgets, model different scenarios and future impacts, find new revenue sources and more, with a series of clicks. More than 1,500 local governments across the country are using Forecast5 tools to maximize their data insights.
We distinguished various other organizations as well, which facilitate efficient budgeting and forecasting solutions. Calxa helps not-for-profit organizations, small businesses, and accountants to save time with budgets and cash flow forecasts; ProForecast, which is a cloud-based CPM system that incorporates all of the benefits of financial forecasting software and lets you move your planning, budgeting and cash flow forecasting processes to a new level; DemandLink, which develops and provides customizable web-based BI solutions for businesses of any size across all industries.
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– Sharad Chitalkar