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Asokan Ashok | CEO | UnfoldLabs Inc.

UnfoldLabs: Unfolding Technology & Innovations

With a perfect storm of technology, big data/analytics and customer experience – Innovation is the order of the day. There is an ongoing need for continuous change that is driving the need for Ideation, Innovation and Inspiration. The Mantra of the modern world is to Innovate or Stay Stagnant. Most companies understand this but have not been able to make the changes in a positive way due to various factors like maturity, understanding and people.
UnfoldLabs is one agile team of technical and technology experts specializing in mobile, cloud, and product innovations based in San Diego, California. With disruptive technologies coming out each day, UnfoldLabs helps capture changing trends & technology through innovation to reach newer heights. Team UnfoldLabs has the right blend of experience and expertise to help companies take ideas to fulfillment through excellence in end-to-end product lifecycle. marketing strategies and business plans.
The innovators at UnfoldLabs are well-equipped to take on newer challenges and convert them into right opportunities for clients looks for innovative products/solutions. UnfoldLabs was chosen as the “30 Most Innovative Companies in the United States” by CEO Views Magazine recently.
The talented and exceptional team at UnfoldLabs is here to make a difference in creating technology products and solutions of the future.
Connecting Innovation to Strategy
In this ever-changing marketplace, having a product or an idea is not good enough to capitalize. Founded in 2015, UnfoldLabs has the experience & expertise to ideate on products, strategize and provide innovative implementations as products/solutions. The organization helps enterprises and mid-market companies with their mobile & cloud strategies to deliver next generation customer experiences in new technology areas. This is done by doing the right market research that considers the core business of the customers and helps create a sound strategy to achieve new heights.
Adding Value – Technology. Software. Architecture. Products. Solutions.
As a passionate team of strategists, creatives, and technologists, UnfoldLabs is devoted to a culture that explores & cultivates, offering world-class experiences in products. Today’s customers have numerous options to choose from and is looking for instant gratification. If he cannot find what he needs in less than 60 seconds, you lost him.. Technologists need to provide an immersive experience in products that solve end user issues that adds value to their life. UnfoldLabs has the right pulse of the customers by understanding the experiences that need to be delivered in the best possible way. The products and solutions are creative, feature rich and makes them more useful & effortless to use – simplifying lives.
Defeating Problems with the Right Attitude
UnfoldLabs’ has a can-do attitude that transforms the seemingly undoable tasks into concrete solutions. They are habituated to turning risks and challenges into opportunities. Unbeatable in the technology arena, Products from UnfoldLabs are here to stay and make lives easy.
The first product, RedGreen is a very innovative Android optimizer, device cleaner and booster that helps remove your Android performance issues in no time. RedGreen was selected as a popular application by “”. Another super creative product, SecureME, allows businesses to restrict access to only limited applications on android devices and provides security and privacy with innovative user experiences with a cool creative Kiosk Solution.
With Inspiration and Creativity at the helm, the experts at UnfoldLabs plan to launch many more revolutionary solutions that will transform and simplify lives. Other futuristic solutions that are being worked on are in the new-generation technology areas of Natural Language Processing, Image Processing, Machine Learning, Precision Agriculture, and Smart Cities. We look forward to what they have in the store for us!
Highly efficient and incredibly innovative, Asokan Ashok is the CEO of UnfoldLabs. His work is embedded with great commitment, excellent teamwork, and proficiency in cutting-edge technology. He has over 25 years of experience in developing software, platforms and communication systems. His unmatched work in the technology industry and thought leadership has given a lot of upcoming innovators a ray of inspiration to keep going. Before founding UnfoldLabs, Ashok held a variety of senior technology management positions in hi-tech companies like Samsung, Motorola, Nokia, Ericson, Compaq (HP) and many more. He was lately nominated as “The Best Technology Leader 2019” by Top Tech Awards.