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Traits of a Good Leader

Life isn’t getting any easier and if you’re looking to make it in this world, you’ve got to be one of two things: hard-working leadership or just plain lucky. Because, although some things will fall into your lap, they are few and far between. So why not take control and start really working for what you want.

Leading Instead of Forcing

Telling someone they must do something may get the job done, but it will come at a cost. Nothing be-littles people faster than being talked down to. In makes us feel inferior, unmotivated and lack passion. And these are key attributes you’ll want your staff to have.

Instead, guide people towards what you need them to achieve. Sometimes it’s just down to the simple wording; “would you mind…”, will get a better response than “do this…” But more often it’s a little more complicated. Ensuring your people are aware of the end goal and suggesting how leader may help you achieve it, could work. Just don’t be a dictator.

Have Faith in Belief

This goes for both you and your team. You have to start by looking at yourself and let it trickle down. If you don’t have complete faith in your teams’ goal, how could ever expect them to. Great leaders show passion and drive for the cause and people can spot a phoney from a mile. When you know exactly what is needed and how to get it, involve your team by delegating tasks to increase your work efficiency.

Also have faith in them. If they weren’t the right person for the job, they wouldn’t be there, and it doesn’t hurt to remind people of that. Minimise micro-managing, allow people the freedom to do things their way and encourage people to use their skills. You’ll find they’ll not just work with more passion, but they’ll work harder, too.

Be A Team Player

If you’re leading a team as a leader that makes you part of it as well. Realising that is just the first step, showing them, you believe it is the goal. It comes back to delegation, too. If you’re not using your team efficiently, you’ll never reach the potential.
The best way to be part of a team is to know them according to

Not just how they work but who they are. It will help create trust and bonds that will have an immediate impact on productivity. It will also help you work out the strengths and weaknesses of those onboard to efficiently manage workloads and adhere to targets.

And remember, we’re all individuals. What motivates me could be completely different for you. Treating people as an individual rather than a number will also earn you respect on the way.

Lead By Example

All eyes are on you when in charge and how you act will filter down to your team. Whether it be punctuality, speaking with respect or just plain rolling-up-your-sleeve, people do what people see. It’s especially crucial to new members.
Just telling people the rules will not have the effect you need to gain the best results. People learn so much faster by repetition and copying your behaviour is part of it. This goes from offering praise for solid work to taking responsibility when things don’t go right.

Work Hard and Dare to Gamble like the leader

Like everything in life, you must dare to take chances. Sure, you could try your luck at the best online casinos, like Casino Pilot, or maybe picking up a lottery ticket. Those odds will not favor you though, so what is our point? You need to have the guts to take calculated risks. As the saying goes; only the ones who dare to take risks will drink the champagne.

You should also focus, work hard, and implement some of our tips to being someone people want to follow. Because if you want to be a success in this life, you will find it a lot easier with a hard-working team behind you.

Have The Knowledge about leadership

If you knew everything then maybe having a team in the first place would be counter productive. We’re not saying you should know everyone’s jobs, but you should have an understanding of what they need to do their job and what could help them achieve their goals faster or easier.

Communication is a key attribute of any good leader and by taking the time to listen to your team, you’ll gain knowledge on what can get them more efficient. No one knows how they work and what tools are required better them. Listen and help where you can.
Nothing will lose you respect faster than if your team doesn’t feel you are well qualified enough for the job or don’t have an idea of theirs. Again, you still want to delegate but a little listening, research and understanding goes a long way.

Be Positive

The one crucial thing above all else is your energy. It’s extremely obvious and also very contagious. Ensuring that you step through the door with an attitude that is both positive and happy will do more for your team than almost anything.

A positive working environment sparks passion and productive thinking. It gives birth to new ideas and out-of-the-box views by having people feeling comfortable and trusted. It also makes the job more enjoyable which will cut down on your turnover which is never low enough.

At the end of the day if you don’t treat people how you would like to be treated, they’ll never reach their full potential which means you’ll never reach yours.