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Three Reasons You Need a Proxy for Instagram

Instagram is becoming immensely popular among social media influencers, market analysts, online brands, and businesses. They use Instagram for targeting the right audience, running Instagram campaigns, and brand monitoring and marketing. For this purpose, almost all Instagram marketers and influencers use marketing automation tools such as Instagram bots. With the help of Instagram bots, Instagramers can manage multiple accounts, gain significant followers, likes, and comments, and reach the target audience in no time. In short, Instagram bots speed up the marketing process.
Nonetheless, no social media platform encourages bots. The same is the case with Instagram. Instagram can block fake or bot-driven accounts as they go against their policies. However, Instagram marketers can buy Instagram proxies to bypass restrictions.
With this in mind, this article talks about the reasons to use Instagram proxies at length. But before getting into it, let’s first know what exactly Instagram proxies are. Let’s start!

What are Instagram Proxies?

Instagram proxies are private proxies that are used exclusively for Instagram. Strict social networking policies render it difficult for Instagram marketers to boost their accounts’ growth using bots or other marketing automation tools. Often, Instagram flags the accounts run by bots as fake because of their non-human activities and eventually blocks them. As a result, Instagram proxies come in handy. Using Instagram proxy servers, marketers can run and manage multiple Instagram accounts without facing the issue of blocks and bans.
Besides this, Instagram proxies are needed for many other reasons. Let’s look at some of the major reasons to use Instagram proxies.

Reasons You Need Instagram Proxies

Instagram proxies make your life easier in several ways. In this article, we are discussing the three major reasons to use Instagram proxies. But If you would like to buy Instagram account safely and how to use it, click here
Check out the list below to learn why you need Instagram proxies.
Run Multiple Accounts: You will not require Instagram proxies if you run five or fewer Instagram accounts from the same IP address. However, there could be a problem if you have more than five Instagram accounts from the same IP address. In such a case, Instagram has the right to block or temporarily suspend all your accounts. Painful, isn’t it?
Nonetheless, you can manage multiple accounts at the same time with Instagram proxies. Instagram proxies mask your real IP address with the IPs of proxy servers. As a result, your actual IP address is prevented from being identified and blocked. You can use different Instagram proxy servers for other Instagram accounts. In this way, you will run multiple Instagram accounts with the same IP address but different proxy servers.
Bypass IP Blocking/ Geo-restrictions: Instagram proxies solve the issue of IP blocking and geo-restrictions. Instagram has strict social networking guidelines that make it challenging to use bots. Consequently, your account gets blocked if Instagram detects any unusual activity on your account. However, you can bypass IP blocking by using Instagram proxies. Instagram proxies hide your real IP address with that of a proxy server’s IP address. As a result, your actual IP address is protected from getting banned.
Besides, you can also bypass geo-restrictions by using Instagram proxies. Instagram proxies have proxy servers with diverse locations that help you access Instagram from remote locations or target an audience of a particular geo-location. For example, you can bypass geo-restrictions using Instagram proxies if you work as a remote social media manager. There are high chances of your accounts getting blocked due to security checks. Nonetheless, Instagram proxies will let you pass the security checks by tying your Instagram accounts to one dedicated IP address.
Using Marketing Automation Tools: Many companies and Instagram marketers use marketing automation tools to grow their Instagram account. It is tough to gain thousands and millions of followers likes, and comments organically. Moreover, managing Instagram accounts to build engagement, target audiences from different locations, send automated texts, sponsored ads, and promotional content is tedious and time-consuming if done manually.
Therefore, many companies use bots and other automation tools to speed up the marketing process. However, Instagram, like most social media platforms, has strict networking policies. Therefore, resorting to any unfair means of getting traffic to your account can be a significant setback for you. Your account can get blocked or suspended, or you might be restricted from performing specific actions such as commenting on various posts and more. To solve this problem, you have Instagram proxies to use for your Instagram bots for additional security.
As we have seen, Instagram proxies are beneficial for several reasons. Moreover, they are a blessing for you if you are a social media marketer of an Instagram influencer. From IP blocking to geo-restrictions, the struggles of online marketers are endless. Above all, using automated marketing tools for Instagram is highly risky, given its strict security. Nevertheless, Instagram proxies are the best solution for all your problems. You can use them to bypass IP blocking and geo-restrictions, to use Instagram bots or run marketing automation tools, or to manage multiple Instagram accounts at the same time. We hope this article gave you useful insights into why you need Instagram proxies. Try using Instagram proxies to unleash the full power of Instagram marketing. Good Luck!