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Steward D. Clinton | My Basic LLC.

My Basic LLC: Minority-Owned Business Strives to Help Businesses Grow With VR and Digital Marketing

The world is evolving and embracing new technologies, especially during COVID-19. Technology has become the backbone of every industry out there. Despite this truth, there are many businesses still behind the curve. Because of the pandemic, we’re seeing businesses affected and many shuttering. But some companies are starting up, and many are making it. We’re excited to highlight one Georgia based business, steadily humming along.
This article will focus on a technology-oriented, digital marketing company ready to help local businesses grow. My Basic LLC is a marketing communication firm in Smyrna, Georgia, contributing to small businesses for more than a decade. Their growing marketing tools and techniques help clients reach and connect with their audience in unique ways. It doesn’t matter if they are at home or on the go.
Steward D. Clinton leads the team at My Basic. With a background in marketing, he enjoys helping businesses develop strategies to sustain and grow their business. Creativity and assisting business growth are two of the many factors that drive My Basic, he states.

“My Basic LLC is a minority-owned tech business with experience in VR, App Development, digital marketing, and web design”

The Story behind Basic LLC
Steward says My Basic LLC started to help businesses embrace and harness technology. They’re problem solvers and aim to empower their clients to macro-manage their business. The company traces its roots to Decatur Georgia, where Steward helped a couple of friends launch their websites online.
There was no blueprint to running a business, but Steward learned quickly to come up with a plan, work the plan, and adjust it to fit. Years later, he saw an opportunity in virtual reality and took it. Steward says his team is creative, skilled, and always growing. They’re passionate about virtual reality because they see it’s potential. They can create fluid VR spaces that cater to education, the medical field, and business. They say VR allows users to learn, train, work, and do business. Virtual reality will enable people to communicate as if they’re in the same physical location. “There is nothing new under the sun, but we have a unique perspective to add to VR/AR,” says Steward.
The company’s mission is to be good stewards of the services they provide. They strive to help their clients help local communities and be profitable. The team at My Basic LLC understands that each client has unique needs, and is managed as such. The company finds its strength in being a resource to people who need its expertise and creative ability. VR can help businesses achieve their learning, business, and training goals in VR/AR. My Basic LLC says it understands that its clients can benefit from a platform that allows them to work and communicate effectively.
Steward says his team is creative, versatile, and unique. He says that the company is not the most expensive nor the cheapest but gives a solid return on a client’s investment. They are always thinking about the infused relationship between VR/AR, marketing, and user experience. It is independent; it has a David complexion. This means the company has its own ideas, beliefs, and ways to solve a problem. Because it is a minority-owned business, there is always room to improve its digital technology footprint.
About Steward
“When VR came out, Steward invested in the tech to experience firsthand what VR could do. Once he saw the potential for VR in business, education, and healthcare, he desired to venture into the space and find opportunities to grow. Steward aspires to influence the industry with the launch of a new VR headset.”
A Glimpse into the Future/Embracing Technology
“VR/AR is empowering people to view entertainment in ways our predecessors could only dream about. Experiences are becoming more memorable/ interactive, and this is where the power of VR/AR is. Stories can now be shared in ways never before experienced,” says Steward. “One of the technologies that are allowing us to be more resourceful in hardware development is 3d printing.”
He emphasizes that the company wants to create its own VR headset independent of a desktop and laptop. He believes that once the team finishes its prototype, it will greatly benefit its customers. Their goal is to make a quality and affordable headset that helps clients connect online.