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Sandra James, CEO, Private Eyes Screening Group

Private Eyes Screening Group: Delivering Responsiveness, Quality, and Results

Technology is evolving with time. New technologies have fundamentally impacted the way we move around the world on a daily basis, whether it is the way we work, rest, travel, or manage the capital.
Because a company is made up of its employees, the human resources (HR) function is critical. Every element of the HR function is impacted by automation and will grow increasingly reliant on it, including talent acquisition, employee payroll and compensation, and HR analytics.
There are a few HR Tech companies that believe in finding ways to help streamline the business through background checks and/or lender solutions. One such company is Private Eyes Screening Group, situated in Nevada, California. This organization is led by Sandra James, the CEO who has built the company into a global firm, serving clients in all 50 states and over 200 countries.
In our endeavor of finding the Top HR Tech Solution, we came across Private Eyes Screening Group. Over 21 years, Private Eyes has continually harnessed the latest technology and practiced bringing its clients the information they need to make the best-informed decisions as soon as possible.
Following are the highlights of the interview.  
Please brief our audience about Private Eyes Screening Group, its USPs, and how it is currently positioned as a leading player in the HR Tech niche. 
At Private Eyes, we make a safe workplace possible by providing quality background checks to our clients across the nation fast. Our team took innovation to the next level during the COVID pandemic and combined their talent and expertise to complete the development of our peek platform. This has expanded our ability to continue as a leader in the background screening industry.   
Shed some light on Private Eyes Screening Group’s offerings and how are these making an impact on the industry and your clients?  
We help our clients get the right hire by making sure that their candidates have the credentials that are stated with a quality background check fast.   
Being an experienced leader, share with us your opinion on what impact has the adoption of modern technologies such as AI and machine learning had on the HR Tech space and what more could be expected in the future?  
This has had a huge impact, and now there is software that can extract the information from a resume to confirm if the candidate is qualified for the position or it can move to the next candidate. Automation continues to change the industry as we utilize more AI.   
Considering the ongoing pandemic, what initial challenges did you face, and how did you drive your company to sustain operations while ensuring the safety of your employees at the same time?  
We implemented our business continuity plan to shelter in place on March 16th, 2020. We had never had all of our team remote like most companies before this happened. We are so grateful that we were able to continue fully operational serving our clients.
We had weekly meetings on zoom with our team to check in, and I made calls to team members individually as well to make sure that they were ok.
Our goal was to make sure that the team members were safe and that we could maintain our service level. We had a few team members that remained in the office but were socially distanced in separate offices with all of the CDC guidelines.
We provided masks, antibacterial soap, etc. Now, we have a 99% vaccinated office and have implemented a hybrid model of some staff returning to the offices and some staying remote.   
What would be your advice to budding entrepreneurs who aspire to venture into the HR Tech market?
Go for it! It is a large market, so if you have a product or service that can support the HR industry, there is a lot of room to grow it. Every starting business needs that first client and can grow from there.  
How do you envision scaling Private Eyes Screening Group’s operations and offerings in the future?
We have an aggressive marketing initiative as we are experiencing significant growth in 2021. We are focused on 100% growth by the end of 2022!