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Charles J Read., CEO, GetPayroll

GetPayroll: Providing Comprehensive Payroll Services for Smooth Business Workflow

We are living in an era where technological advancements have simplified and streamlined our lives. With traditional processes going digital, the development of new platforms, software tools have saved the time, cost, and human efforts for mundane and repetitive tasks.
The payroll management system is one of the prominent examples of this. Payroll management is such a boring and time-consuming task for any employee. Concentration laps can cause mistakes in calculations and may lead to fines and penalties.
Hence, in such a scenario, payroll management software plays a vital role in automating the complete procedure. Having a payroll management system is important, especially for small and medium companies.
When it comes down to selecting one of the many payroll service provider companies, one prominent name pops out at the first instance is GetPayroll.
GetPayroll has been providing easy-to-use professional payroll services at competitive prices to businesses nationwide for over 30 years. Situated in Lewisville, TX, the company is spearheaded by its CEOCharles J Read. The following extract explores the excellent services rolled out by the company. 
Compliant Services
GetPayroll offers payroll, timekeeping, and HR solutions for small and medium-sized businesses. Its USP is compliance. GetPayroll is one of the few HR companies to have a US tax court practitioner on staff, which helps its clients avoid costly legal mistakes. The company offers not only HR solutions but also a full stack of tech solutions from timekeeping to payroll to onboarding to enable a holistic HR solution, which is critical in today’s economy. 
Charles said, “We do not view HR as a silo. Many of our clients had to pivot to work from home and adjust to the new normal. We rolled out new timekeeping and onboarding solutions that seamlessly integrated with payroll so that our clients could manage their human resources without any friction. We are enabling small businesses to compete with larger businesses by offering new features, training, and best practices.” 
Inspiring Leadership
Charles J Read is a Certified Public Accountant (CPA), US Tax Court Practitioner (USTCP), member of the Internal Revenue Service Advisory Council (IRSAC), and the Founder of GetPayroll. Charles is a decorated United States Marine Corps sergeant, a combat veteran of the Vietnam war. While in service, he was trained by IBM as a computer programmer and later a system engineer.
He pioneered Green Payroll in 1998 and successfully steered the company for the last 30 years. He is also the author of four books. His latest book – The Payroll Book: A Guide For Small Businesses and Start-ups, is currently #25 in the HR section on Amazon. 
AI and the future
Charles shared his views about the implementation of AI in an organization – AI has accelerated the adoption of new HR technology from screening, hiring to onboarding new employees. Due to the hybrid work environment, it will be more important to find the right fit. AI will help screen for individuals for the best fit and eliminate any repetitive tasks. Adoption of AI will also help small businesses get access to demand pay, which will even help the playing field.
The market is growing, and with the new challenges that the hybrid model has created, it is a great time for new entrepreneurs to enter the market. Disruption leads to opportunities, and there are plenty of opportunities right now. 
Braving the pandemic
The Covid-19 pandemic shackled the whole world. Companies faced serious losses during the critical period. However, it was fairly easy for the GetPayroll staff to move to work from home, as all systems are cloud-based. Talking about the pandemic days, Charles said, “We proactively communicated with our clients, letting them know that while we might not be physically in the office, they could still reach us as usual for any questions. In fact, we found employee morale improves with the hybrid model and continuing to offer it.”  
Looking Ahead
GetPayroll is aggressively investing in marketing to scale the company’s growth. New businesses formation is at its peak, which gives the company an opportunity to get new clients. The team is focusing on positioning Charles Read as an authority on all things payroll and HR by having him booked on 3–4 podcasts each week. Also, they are promoting ‘The Payroll Book’ via social media to generate interest. 
Words of Appreciation

  • Will Brown – Some of the best people in the area that absolutely are the best at what they do. Charles is an absolute genius and has a team behind him (oddly enough, that are almost all named Chris) that will take care of you. We came from ADP, and there were miles of difference. Do yourself a favor and give them a call!
  • Donna Hahn – We have been using GetPayroll for over three years and love their service! Everyone at the company is knowledgeable, kind, helpful, and always gets you an answer to even the simplest questions. They take care of all government taxes, employee posters, filings, and reporting. Their reports are easy to read and very helpful in managing our payroll expenses.
  • Our company employs both 1099 and W-2 employees, and the process for both is so easy! They give you all the services of other bigger competitors at a fraction of the costs, and they even integrate with our time management system to streamline the process even further! Great company to work with, and we will be here for a long time!!!