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Gina Rivera | Founder | Phenix Salon Suites

Phenix Salon Suites: Providing New Experiences and Opportunities to Lifestyle Professionals

Providing an opportunity for sole proprietors in the beauty and wellness industry to own and operate their business in a suite at a fraction of the cost of owning a multi-chair salon, Phenix Salon Suites is expanding its brick-and-mortar becoming a prominent name in the lifestyle industry.

Phenix is an industry leader and provides an upscale suite solution for beauty and wellness professionals who desire to become entrepreneurs and open their businesses, providing significant support, experiences, and opportunities.

The corporate culture and the key to Phenix Salon Suites’ professional identity as a company is the long heritage in the beauty industry of Founder Gina Rivera‘s family dating back to 1929. As a stylist herself, Gina has an in-depth understanding of what a Salon Professional requires to become a successful business owner. She has applied these methodologies to her business model daily. Her vision includes exceeding the Salon Professionals’ expectations on a more significant margin. She is in a unique position to anticipate their needs, which sets her above others in this space and has led to the immense success of lifestyle professionals.

Supporting and Educating Franchisees

Phenix Salon Suites is recognized for providing generous support to all entrepreneurs involved in their concept. The Lifestyle Professionals are composed of hairstylists, barbers, aestheticians, manicurists, massage therapists, professional make-up artists, tattoo artists, brow and lash artists, and more.

These professionals have the opportunity to operate independently, and they can set their business hours, select their products to sell and use, and decorate the private suite they occupy to their liking. In addition, Phenix offers an abundance of educational opportunities free of charge or at a minimal amount to the Lifestyle Professionals.

Alongside this, franchisees also receive:

  • Access to Financing
  • Expert assistance with site selection
  • Hands-on support with construction and site development
  • Market analysis designed to assist with setting suite rates

Furthermore, the expansive services also comprise marketing support on the social media front, a template website to accommodate internet presence, and a library of collateral marketing materials that may be utilized for promotional campaigns. Further, each franchise owner is offered a 43-point marketing plan that continuously engages and attracts Lifestyle Professionals, which contributes to long-term success.

Keeping Professionals at Center of Decision-making

Gina’s vision includes keeping Salon Professionals at the center of her decision-making process because she realizes that no one is successful in her company without their success. Along with these ideals that the company is committed to, she knows that teamwork is very important to everything the company does and that the corporate vision must align. Her Executive team members and staff consist of experts who understand and support the vision and drive the mission.

Helping Franchisees in Managing Business Using App

One of the most important ways that Phenix Salon Suites has leveraged technology is through the designed and created app, Gina’s Platform. This is a state-of-the-art business app where Salon Professionals can manage their business from the ease of their phone. It’s extremely comprehensive and includes touchless payment processing, easy client notifications, product and revenue tracking, advanced booking options, and trending beauty news and education. Franchisees can communicate and manage their stores much easier through the app on the franchise side.

The app is equipped to accept rent payments, track occupancy at locations, push out seamless communication, and much more. Gina’s Platform makes the daily workload easier during an already challenging time and increases Phenix Salon Suites’ ability to provide a safe environment for businesses to operate in.

Providing Multi-day Training to New Franchisees

On the Lifestyle Professional side, Phenix Salon Suites offers complimentary online classes provided by the Gina Artistic Team, which comprises 35 industry-leading artists. Classes may also be booked live on-site at locations.

Each year Gina’s Education Experience national convention is hosted in Las Vegas, which includes three comprehensive days of education in all areas of the beauty industry. Simultaneously, the franchise owners are also attending meetings at the events, which lend to keeping its locations cutting edge.

In addition, Phenix Salon Suites provides a comprehensive multi-day training event for new franchises. It has established many partnerships with various beauty companies and industry specialists that also offer training sessions throughout the year to its Lifestyle Professionals.

Supporting Charitable Causes

The Gina Cares Foundation was established in honor of Gina Rivera’s late mother, Janice Peneschi, who lost her battle with cancer. A portion of sales from the Gina beauty product and tool line support the foundation dedicated to supporting cancer research. Grants are also available for professionals working in the beauty industry who suffer from cancer and tragic illnesses.

Continuing to Provide High-quality Services

Phenix Salon Suites’ goal is to continue to expand the company internationally while providing top-of-the-line high-quality services. It recently opened its first store in Manchester, England, and will be opening several others across the U.K. In addition, it has just announced its expansion to Sweden. Phenix Salon Suites anticipates continued expansion as awareness of the brand and concept grow across Europe.

Addressing Needs of Stylists Positively

“Phenix Salon Suites listens to the stylist’s needs and positively addresses them. They have redefined the options for professionals working in the industry.” — John Aultman, Phenix Salon Suites Lifestyle Professional, 20-year Hairstylist

“Phenix Salon Suites is more than just a franchise. It’s a family-run business from the top down. The Salon Professional becomes part of this family as they open their business within our locations; the culture and support are key to our success! You are in business for yourself but not by yourself!” — Dalene Kersey, Phenix Salon Suites Franchisee