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Natura Healthy Products, Engaging Experience—Healthy Living

A business that is purpose-driven rather than motivated with profit loss analysis has enough potential to add value to its consumers and ultimately win the cutthroat competitive market. This business mantra which emphasizes customer experience rather than a market monopoly, never witnesses the sun setting upon itself.

Such amalgamation of purpose-driven venture and consumer-centric business is witnessed by global food industry in the form of Natura It is a Canadian company that provides healthy and natural food all over the country, including the unaccounted remote areas that others tend to forget!

But what makes Natura Market unique?

Even if Natura is known for its healthy food products, it is much more than just a retail source. The company is not only a giant supplier of healthy food products but its product line suits every individual with any form of customized diet or personalized lifestyle. With Natura, one doesn’t only have an online delivery service but also has the option of shopping for the products from the warehouse. Furthermore, customers can easily check through the product’s ingredient list, ensuring that the consumer experiences an easy and transparent transaction.

Enabling Natura to add value and a healthy lifestyle for every consumer living is Julia Leguizamon. As the Co-founder and General Manager of Natura Market, Julia has made Natura amongst the best online store and an accessible source for paleo, keto, plant-based, and gluten-free products in Canada.

Let’s know the inspiring story of Natura Market and Julia’s standout leadership, which turned Natura into its huge success today!

On a Mission to Healthify Globe

Ever since its inception in 2016, Natura Market has constructed its business by prioritizing customer needs. In its initial stages, the Canadian market was not particularly competitive. There was a gap between what people could get and what people desired. This provided the company with the perfect opportunity to fill this gap and serve customers with high-quality products from North America’s best manufacturers at a reasonable price. Looking at the stats today, Natura Market has accomplished this mission and filled the gap successfully.

This has also made Natura Market—one of Canada’s one-stop shops for healthy living. With its out-of-the-box food shopping experience, customers can find the best food that fits their dietary needs or lifestyle necessity, even without the hassle of sorting through shelves in a grocery store or hundreds of products online. Natura Market’s shopping experience provides customers with an unbeatable choice of highly sought-after and hard-to-come-by products from trusted brands that will not be found elsewhere. Its team has made the ultimate online destination for everything healthy, particularly the vegan section, as its center of attraction. The company provides budget-friendly products, making it easier for everyone to live a healthy life.

The company knows the role of customer feedback for success and continues to listen to and fulfill the demands of its customers.Natura Market believes engaging with its customers is crucial to success. This has resulted in the exponential growth of the company. Natura Market was asked to introduce paleo products and did this without fail. Similar instances have been noticed with keto, low-carb innovation, and the company brought them to Canada. Realizing that customers needed the convenience of shopping by diet, not only by category or aisle, so the company restructured its menu and built a powerful filtering system way sooner than others. While this was still unknown, Natura Market stood true to its words in being the first and listening to its customers.

Assisting Canadians to Select Healthy Living

Finding the correct food according to dietary restrictions becomes a tough task. People usually end up spending hours scrolling through endless lists, trying to figure out which is best. Natura Market has put an end to this by carefully curating its products into easy-to-browse sections so that the shoppers easily find the correct food. The company covers all types of products such as allergy-free snacks, a plant-based meat substitute, a paleo-approved treat, a keto chocolate bar, a gluten-free meal, and vegan products too!

Natura Market ensures that everyone can find food according to their needs without blinking an eye at their dietary restrictions and way of living. “We will always have something for you! And we don’t stop there–we’re constantly adding new items to our store, so you always have options,” mentions the Co-founder—Julia Leguizamon.

The company provides leisure to its customers by carefully reading the nutrition labels and ingredients so that they spend less time searching and more time focusing on the bigger picture—prioritizing health over everything. Natura Market is well known for shipping directly to the front door for all deliveries across the country, including remote locations! It also offers faster and more reliable same-day and next-day delivery services. For customers who do not like to wait, it allows them to pick up their order from its warehouse.

“We want to make sure that no matter where our customers are, they have access to delicious and nutritious food so that the only thing they have to worry about is deciding which delicious items they want on their next order,” says Julia.

Detoxifying Nature!

Natura Market is a company that is holistic in its business philosophy. It does not believe in selling healthy living products and services on one hand and on the other, amplifying carbon footprint and deteriorating nature. The company keeps its process sustainable and eco-friendly.

Julia acknowledges, “From our packaging to our practices, we’re committed to doing things differently, and when it comes to packing your order, we use sustainable honeycomb wrapping to ensure your glass and breakable items are safe in transit.” This diminishes the use of bubble wrap, peanuts, styrofoam peanuts, or paper packing peanuts. The company utilizes 100% biodegradable and recyclable materials.

Keeping in mind the effects of plastic pollution; the company is also committed to zero additional plastic other than the product packaging itself. Julia assures, “You can rest easy knowing that no unnecessary plastic has been used in the packaging or shipping of your product. So you can feel good about how your order is packed, as well as what it contains.”

Ensuring Best-in-class Shopping Expectations

It is an exhausting process to visit the store, pore over aisle after aisle of ingredients whose names are unpronounceable and unheard of. It becomes much worse for a person who follows a strict diet or lifestyle. Natura Market ensures this tiring process ends with its easy-to-browse sections, fast delivery options, and wide selection of products from all popular and favorable brands.

“We make shopping for the things you need easier, faster, and more convenient than ever before. We know that there’s nothing worse than ordering something online only to find out it doesn’t fit your dietary needs! We’ve got you covered with our expertly curated selection of pantry essentials and snacks, so you can rest assured that everything in your cart will meet your expectations,” asserts Julia.

Promoting Plant-based Alternative

With an increasing number of people aiming to reduce the amount of meat they consume and substitution of animal-based foods with plant-based ones, it is well-established that the vegan food industry has witnessed rapid growth.

Data from Google Trends shows that there has been a worldwide increase in people’s interest in veganism from 2004 to 2020, and Canada is no exception. According to 2020 data, Canada has seen a 250% increase in vegetarians. And as of 2019, Canada’s Dietary Guidelines have emphasized eating plant-based foods and incorporating more plant-based proteins into the diet.

With this, it is undoubtedly proven that the growth curve of vegan and plant-based alternatives is only going to rise as an increasing number of people seek ways to consume less meat and diminish animal products from their dietary routine. “Whether it’s for health reasons, animal welfare issues, or environmental concerns, we are constantly looking for new vegan products to keep up with the demand and cater to this growing market,” notes Julia.

Aiming for a Greater Future

Natura Market has a greater vision for the future and is continually seeking ways to improve. As the company expands and grows, it aims to provide easier access for people to find their desired products, whether it is a specific brand or food. The company wants to be the best source to provide a better customer experience so that the consumer is never left in disarray.

Julia puts, “We want to continue to improve our website’s functionality so that customers can easily find what they’re looking for without having to click through multiple pages. We want them to be able to find exactly what they’re looking for and have it delivered right away!

We will continue to focus on adding the latest and greatest foods from upcoming and emerging brands so that they can keep up with all the latest trends in healthy eating—without having to hunt down all of these different brands themselves!”

Natura Market has made it its goal to maintain the best place online to seek the latest and greatest foods from upcoming and emerging brands. The company wants to be a trustworthy website for its customers who are looking for exciting new products that match their lifestyles.

Wise Words for Budding Entrepreneurs

Natura Market has a well-established identity in the Canadian market and has traveled the entire journey to the top. However, when setting foot into a competitive industry, no matter the sector, it becomes tough to leave a mark and be unique. But, to break this barrier, one needs to bring innovation and turn the tide in one’s own favor.

Realizing such innovative zeal of Natura Market, we questioned Julia about her advice to the budding entrepreneur who wishes to venture into this sector, to which she replied, “Stand out and be different! Be the first at something so that customers notice you, like your concept, and respect the principles that you are building your business on.”

“Piggy-backing and copy-catting are no longer the ways to go—they’re in the past! You need to be first in something. And that means being ahead of the game—staying ahead of the curve with your product innovations, customer service standards, and principles. The secret here is to always move forward and be a step, or even better, two steps, ahead of competitors to entice your customers,” concludes Julia Leguizamon.