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Mary Ahrens | Owner | Hair4Good’s

Mary Ahrens: Actively Participating in Social Causes Through Philanthropic Entrepreneurship

Humans are social beings. They collectively improve society. However, the push that society requires to pursue a better living, better thinking, and better social participation comes from self-motivated individuals.

As always, times are changing again. Professionals are pursuing innovative careers or entrepreneurial paths that allow them to play an active role in coming together and uplifting society. Such self-motivated entrepreneurial spirits with a social conscience are rapidly becoming influential personas for millions globally.

Mary Ahrens, Founder, and CEO of Hair4Good, is a star shining brightly on that entrepreneurial and philanthropic horizon. She is showing other businesses and individuals that it is possible to carry professional and social responsibilities hand in hand.

Hair4Good is a philanthropic, women-owned hair care online store with style. The company believes that everything it does has a “higher purpose.” Therefore, it continually makes efforts towards providing the highest quality hair care accessories with a purpose. 50% of all of its profits are donated to childhood charities.

Let’s dive into Mary’s fascinating journey of establishing Hair4Good and her motivation for active participation in social causes.

An Entrepreneur with a Higher Purpose

Mary successfully climbed the corporate ladder to reach corporate officer at Conair Corporation. After 27 years of her corporate journey, she decided to move ahead in her career by starting her own venture, Beauty Forward, LLC./ The purpose behind this endeavor is to be able to fulfill her desire to have a continueous giving stream to help improve the lives of children in need by donating 50% of the companies profits to their halo of charities.

Mary feels that she is extremely lucky to have the support of so many people for her pursuance of social causes. Many individuals who know Mary contribute to her efforts professionally and personally.

She makes sure to pay it forward to society’s less privileged and differently-abled children. In order to achieve this, her philanthropic efforts through Hair4Good play a significant role.

Promoting Innovative Hair Care Products

The hair accessory category has not had much innovation in the past several years. At retail, the category is controlled by large conglomerates that focus more on sales and distribution than the customer. 

Despite being a small company, Mary believes in promoting innovation in hair care products at Hair4Good. Mary says, “We are a small company and focus on innovation and philanthropy.”

She ads,”Our innovative, patented, and patent-pending technology are formulated to cure hair issues, and our philanthropic mission is to help children in need. Technology and philanthropy are greatly needed in our industry.”

Contributing Half the Profits to the Children’s Charities

Mary is constantly motivated by the thought of contributing to society in every possible way. Responding to the question of her motive behind establishing Hair4Good, she says, “I have been extremely blessed in my life in so many ways. I felt the need to give back to society and opened a philanthropic hair care company that supports children’s charities.”

This entrepreneurial venture gave Mary the ability to use her business skills to serve consumers and, at the same time, share the profits that are gained with the children’s charities.

Talking about Hair4Good’s mission, she says, “Our vision is to make kinder, solution-based, patented products at affordable price points.”

Additionally, she says, “Hair4Good is a philanthropic, women-owned hair care company that supports children’s charities by donating 50% of its profits.”

Sharing Good Fortune with Others

For an organization to carry out its philanthropic duties, having core values or principles in foresight always helps. These sets of values help in getting people to participate more energetically in the noble effort.

Answering the core values of Hair4Good, Mary says, “Our core values are kindness, giving, and sharing our good fortune with others.”

Our mission is to help bring out your inner beauty and make the world a better place for children in need,she adds.

Fostering a Healthy Work Atmosphere

With her vast corporate experience, Mary has ensured to promote a healthy work environment at Hair4Good. She believes in a work ambiance that enables healthy interactions and the exchange of ideas. Everyone’s contribution to the company is duly acknowledged.

While introducing her team, Mary says, “We are a female-owned enterprise.” Furthermore, she puts, “Our team consists of like-minded people. We are a family that believes in kindness, honesty, comradery, and treating everyone with respect.

She marks, “Egos are not welcome. Everyone shares equally in every success and failure, and everyone has a voice and a seat at the table.”

Advice To Budding Entrepreneurs

As a word of guidance for entrepreneurs, Mary offers the wisdom of her years of corporate experience to them. “Always follow your dreams with persistence and hard work. Miraculous results can occur to those willing to invest in what they believe in.”

Lastly, she puts, “Never be afraid of failure; the road to success is paved with mistakes and less than perfect results.”

Strengthening Hair4Good’s Future

Mary plans to make her organization’s ethos and social contributions more visible to leaders and companies like hers in the coming days. It will act as a great motivation for them to make their contribution to society through various means.

Talking about Hair4Good’s future, she says, “We continually work on communicating our message through social media and in-person contacts with like-minded companies and individuals who believe that philanthropy has a role in corporate America”.