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Jacob Bever | Senior Solutions Engineer | Magna5

Magna5: Assisting YOU with Digital Transformation Challenges

Intending to be the one trusted partner you turn to for all your IT service needs, Magna5 is paving the way to deliver service excellence to each customer. It brings together a 24/7/365 fully managed Operations Center with enterprise-class platforms from leading vendors. Magna5 works with private and public businesses of all sizes — from government agencies and manufacturing organizations to mid-market and large-scale operations.

Jacob Bever, the Senior Solutions Engineer at Magna5, has a demonstrated history of working in both pre and post-sales in the information technology and services industry. Insights Success caught up with Jacob to know how Magna5 is driving businesses with innovative technology and solutions.

Catalysts of Customers Growth  

Magna5 exists to help organizations transform themselves. They integrate advancements in technology and processes to drive businesses forward. The company is fueled with a passion for supporting better, faster, and smarter work. Proven approaches, well-planned strategies, and roadmaps, innovative technologies are all used to take their customer’s organizations into the future and beyond.

Customer-Centric Approach

As a trusted managed services provider, Magna5 has brought together the right mix of managed IT services, cybersecurity, network monitoring, and cloud hosting under one roof, which is fully managed by their team of experts 24X7 all 365 days.

The Competitive-Edge

The specialty that sets Magna5 apart is personability, which takes a customer-oriented approach. Jacob adds, “All our engineers are trained on the technical side and the customer service side. We are 24/7 365 and outsource none of our work. We constantly evaluate new technologies and have taken a holistic approach to all our solutions.”

Hurdled Path

The pandemic caused businesses a wave of challenges, and Manga5 dealt with them strategically. Jacob notes, “We very quickly realized was we needed to adjust the service offerings we were providing and how we were providing them. A lot of our remote access and cloud tools made the transition easy. We have quickly shifted our focus to protecting end-users who are no longer in the office. Something like putting together a suite of products that will protect an end-user wherever they go quickly and easily became a priority for us.”

Talking about the uncertainty of the future, Jacob pointed out their enthusiastic initiatives of actively learning new tools in serving the market better. Magna5 team remains focused on understanding the client’s needs, implementing the solutions, and always willing to adapt to their specific needs and solutions.

Weaving the Thread

Using the best of the best technology, Magna5 is always up to date and in the loop of what’s out there so we can upgrade and implement new solutions to best meet its customer’s needs. Magna5 strives to provide the best solutions with top-notch customer service, finding the best fit for the customer.

Helping Hand

Educational events and partnered events are a large part of the Magna5 culture. Jacob shares, “One that recently sticks out in my mind was when Briana Thompson, Magna5 Cybersecurity Engineer, spoke with students at Seneca Valley High School (Harmony, Penn.) for SV STEM Alumni Days. Briana shared with students pursuing STEM careers her professional progression, guidance on fields of study in college – including areas she wished she had spent more time on – and revealed typical day-in-the-life of a Cybersecurity Engineer, providing examples of how she made an impact on Magna5 customers’ security.”

Going Ahead

Magna5 has continued to grow organically and through acquisition over the past few years. “We have been growing very rapidly, and I see that continuing over the next five years, further strengthening Magna5’s position as a formidable player for cybersecurity, data recovery and cloud services in the lower middle market,” concludes Jacob.