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La Donuteria ®

LA DONUTERIA®: Paving the Path to become World Renowned Franchise

The saying goes, “The only circle of trust YOU should have is a DONUT,” sprinkled with a delicious topping of choice; these sugar-filled treats are here to make your tummy feel yummy. La Donuteria ® brings you delicious, exclusive handmade donuts made  every morning from scratch according to their own secret recipe. From making their various fillings, delicious cremes, caramel along with the top-quality chocolate imported from Belgium and vanilla beans directly shipped from Madagascar, La Donuteria fulfills its customers’ craving to make them smile eye to eye.

As one of the fastest-growing donut love brand franchise, La Donuteria is making its mark worldwide. They believe that “You first eat with your eyes”; thus, each La Donuteria shop is designed in an eye-catching “Provence style” very chic and trendy, which attracts customers and allows them to drive viral presentation in social media.

Spreading Smiles

La Donuteria aims to spread happiness with care by connecting communities to grow together, celebrating the connections that make life sweeter. Its vision is always to be the place of choice to enjoy exclusive, delicious donuts and finest coffee, creating joyful and unforgettable memories to be shared and enjoyed with your loved ones.

The franchises incorporate this culture by teaching their franchisees as they are in the front line towards all guests.  The team believes, “It’s us, all together that we have to behave with certain qualities and values so that all guests will feel inspired towards our experience. Besides this, our donuts are made every morning fresh, without any artificial or semi-finished products. We don’t sell just donuts; we sell experience with the brand.”

The Robust Foundation

La Donuteria engrains strong values that are embedded into its franchise partners:

Customer First Mentality – To put the guests first to deliver the best and treat them right, La Donuteria never sacrifices anything with its services or products.

Strive for Quality and Perfection“Donuts are what we do the best.” La Donuteria’s commitment is to serve the most delicious handmade donuts in the community, taking time and effort before selling them, working to improve the community.

One Team – Unity in diversity makes La Donuteria stronger and better in listening and understanding each other, and it encourages to embrace this value across all its franchisees.

Personal Excellence – It always starts with an “I” mentality. I take responsibility.

Think Sustainable – Making decisions that have an impact on the whole community. It works to reduce waste, trying to support locals with no food.

Make an Impact – Desire to leave people better than found, supporting different social projects.

Acquiring Knowledge

La Donuteria’s training program is focused on every stage of business. It has developed a unique education system that helps partners understand how to proceed step by step. From reading, learning, and watching several videos explaining the know-how, La Donuteria builds a framework for its partners.

During its educational programs, people learn to manage the daily business from working with supply chain, order management or how to hire staff. The team mentions, “What we can’t learn is to be creative, to desire to change, to desire to improve, to be curious. These are traits we search for in our partners because we can give you knowledge, but knowledge itself will not help unless partner has burning desire to make it work.”

Helping Hand to the Community

In 2021, La Donuteria ® participated in numerous charity activities. It supported Avon Charity run (Breast Cancer Prevention), donating donuts to doctors and nurses in COVID hospital departments. It also visited fire and police stations in its localities, thanking them for their service with sweet treats.

At Christmas, they co-operated with the mayor’s office in the capital cities they operate, and together they supported and donated for Senior Houses. The team happily shares, “We want to give back to the community we are a part of. If we can improve at least a few lives with our donuts, we do this because we believe that we need more joyful moments in our lives.”

Ambitious Goals

La Donuteria envisions to become one of the TOP 10 global donut brands. It is a saturated industry with a few big international names and few scattered brands that operate from one to five branches. “We bring a concept that is easy to operate, simple to start, with great ROI.”

The team states that only talking and leading with an example can ensure that Franchisees will adapt to the same culture and values it advocates. “In everything what we do, we put our values up front. We always talk about experience, never about product. We want to be remembered for our service. We talk towards emotions of our customers. It is the strategy that we implement in our sales and marketing activities.”

Experienced Words

A franchise business is considered one of the most popular choices to start a business. It is regarded as an easier way to start and operate. However, a franchise business is a business like every other business. It takes time, courage and sacrifices to build something that will have long term value to all stakeholders.

Today, there is no better time to start any challenge because these opportunities, ups, and downs drive innovations and progress. If you have any idea, test it, and if you like the outcome, bring it to market.

Concluding the advice, the team says, “If you are a potential franchisee that would like to start a business, do it now. Don’t wait; there’ll be no better time. There’ll be always an excuse why not to do it now. If you have a strong will and you want to do something, do it. Don’t wait because there’ll be somebody else who does it instead of you.”