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Scott Stewart | Founder | Pam Stewart | Co-Founder | Ellianos Coffee

ellianos coffee: Italian Quality at America’s Pace!

If you are a coffee person, you already know how a cup of coffee on a Monday morning can boost your morale and get you out of bed. Sometimes all you need is coffee rather than an inspirational quote. Speaking of inspirations, on their visit to the Pacific Northwest, the dynamic duo of Scott and Pam Stewart noticed a booming drive-thru coffee shop industry. When they returned to their home in Lake City, Florida, the couple who were already experienced entrepreneurs and coffee-lovers seized the right opportunity and ventured into finding Lake City’s first double-sided drive-thru specialty coffee shop, Ellianos Coffee.

Since its initiation in 2002, Ellianos Coffee has provided premium quality specialty coffee, handcrafted espresso beverages, smoothies, and more at convenient double-sided drive-thru locations.

A Cup of Excellence

Ellianos Coffee is driven by its mission to serve the highest quality specialty coffee beverages in a way that would meet the demands of busy Americans. It is a double-sided drive-thru without any inside seating.

Along with its exceptional product quality, Ellianos Coffee is proud of its handcrafted preparation process, which produces an amazingly delicious and smooth product.  Expressing his thoughts, Scott says, “An exceptional customer interaction, and the relationships our baristas build with the customers, is at the core of who we are. We value being the neighborhood/community coffee shop.”

Fundamental Values

Scott states that Ellianos Coffee aims to captivate its customers by delivering an unmatched level of quality, consistency, and speed in every cup. The core values that the franchise is based upon are:

1) Be Genuine & Be Honest! Be real, honest and treat everybody the way you would like to be treated.

2) Have Empathy. If someone else seems to be having a bad day, be patient and understand that you don’t know what the person may be dealing with, so treat others kindly in every situation.

3) Enjoy the Moment. Give a smile, make the customer’s day & honestly enjoy every encounter with another person or detail you handle. Have Fun!

4) Efficiency in Everything. Find ways to get it done quickly without sacrificing quality. Bring up ideas to the team!

5) Keep it Simple. Focus on the little simple things that make a difference to the brand, team, and customers.

6) Family and Individually Minded! Take time for your personal life as well as your loved ones and enjoy life. The franchise considers the Ellianos team a family, so enjoy work life too!

Maintaining Quality & Helping Communities

Scott states that every Ellianos Coffee’s franchise is well engrained in their communities. From school donations, local sponsorships, food drives, periodical appreciation giveaways (for teachers, healthcare workers, fire, law enforcement), and more, he loves the communities where he lives and works!

Apart from helping communities, the franchise also maintains its enhanced approach throughout every franchise location. Scott says, “Our training program is a comprehensive program that takes a franchisee from the beginning stages to the point of running their location. There’s a lot to learn, but it’s fun!”

Implementing Technology

In its relentless pursuit of being the best, Ellianos Coffee is in the process of upgrading its point-of-sale systems across the brand. As a growing brand, it is developing an Ellianos app that will integrate with the new system.

While in the early stages, Scott is excited to see the system come to fruition soon. The franchise is also building a test kitchen at its corporate headquarters to help create new menu items and develop standard operating procedures to make its operations run as efficiently as possible.

Future Endeavors

Ellianos Coffee aims to continue as the dominant drive-thru coffee chain of the Southeast United States and grow from there. Scott asserts that with smart decision making, strong franchisees and a lot of hard work, he is confident in the franchise’s growth plan and excited for the future.

Experienced Guidance

Scott advises upcoming entrepreneurs in the franchise industry to enjoy what they do! He says, “There will be hard work along the way, but it is a very rewarding and fulfilling journey as well.”

Scott concludes, ” Enlist the help of the franchise and others who have gone before you, as well as those who are experts in their field, to assist along the way and enjoy the journey!”