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Alicia Caroll, Managing Partner, Southern American region.

Insights Success Expands Operations in Florida

A new dawn for Insights Success Media Tech LLC as it grows its business

Dublin, OH, Sept 18, 2021: Insights Success Media Tech LLC, a leading global business magazine, expanded its operations to Florida. Alicia Carroll has been appointed recently as Managing Partner for its Southern American region.
At Insights Success, Alicia oversees business development, client success, and growth strategies.
Alicia is an American engineer, a technologist, and the President of Tech Innovation Global, Incorporated. She brings her profound knowledge, transformational marketing and advising leadership, and 20 years of experience as a technologist in the aerospace industry to the table. Previously, she provided technical direction and served as an advisor for science, technology, and engineering initiatives.
A native of Alabama, Alicia has earned two master’s degrees in Project Management and Professional Business Administration. She is a three-time medalist engineer with many prestigious awards.
In addition, Alicia is also an advisor to foreign boards for data analysis, leadership, and resources at Tech Innovation Global Incorporated.
She is driven by her passion for community work and determination to serve humanity and make the world a better place using technology, innovation, and science.
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