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Sumita Sarkar, Editor in Chief, Insights Success Media Tech LLC

Insights Success announces its Editor-in-Chief

Dublin, OH: Insights Success Media Tech LLC, a leading global business magazine, announced Sumita Sarkar as its Editor-in-Chief.
Sumita is a journalist with 21 years of extensive experience in the media. She has brought about significant changes in the magazine that has contributed to its growth.
In the past, she worked with several English dailies, including The Times of India (BCCL), where she gave state and national level news. She also wrote for The Lincoln County News, Maine, and Foster’s Daily Democrat (Sunday Citizen), Dover. She contributed articles to the magazine Change for Better. She is known for her honesty, hard work, leadership, and willingness to take up challenges.
Sumita has two post-graduate degrees in journalism – a PG Degree in Bachelor of Communication and Journalism (BCJ) and a Master’s in Mass Communication and Journalism (MCJ). She also taught Mass Communication and Journalism and Advertising and Public Relations to the master’s level students.
With her as the chief of the editorial department, Insights Success aims to achieve many more milestones.
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