You are currently viewing Breaking Free of Depression’s Grip: One Man’s Journey in print

Breaking Free of Depression’s Grip: One Man’s Journey in print

The days are cooler, we see less sun than at any other time of the year, the holidays’ merriment is past, bills are arriving, food prices are soaring, and COVID lingers on. It’s enough to depress anyone, but for anyone living with depression, these factors can feel like weights bearing down on them, with no relief in sight.

Breaking Free of Depression's Grip: One Man’s Journey in print

Enter a powerful new book by Canadian author, Bruce R. Ross. Unlike most books about depression that are written by a doctor or therapist, and outline what must be done to “cure” depression, this is the story of one man who has survived. Breaking Free of Depression’s Grip: A Powerful Success Story is Ross’ own story about being a successful executive, husband, father, neighbour, and friend who has lived a thriving life despite depression’s dark grip on him, for over 45 years.

In this book, Ross exposes what life with depression is really like. With a candid recount of his trials, medical encounters, attempts to feel better, career challenges, medications, and more, this book takes the reader on the journey of a man with depression and all he has tried to “cure” it. Starting in Eastern Canada, this book and his life takes Ross throughout Canada and the United States, on his life journey, always looking to find solutions.

Breaking Free of Depression’s Grip is not a how-to manual for curing the illness; rather, it is a look at how one man survived and offers hope to anyone suffering with depression and/or major depressive disorder. It is also must read for anyone who has a loved one or coworker with depression. Page after page is filled will his journey of trials, medication options, therapies, extreme options, and ultimately the need to open up and ask for help.

Breaking Free of Depression’s Grip: A Powerful Success Story will be available from IC Publishing ( in January. More details can be found at