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How to exceed viewer expectations with your STB solution

The COVID-19 pandemic with its numerous lockdowns gave a great boost to video consumption. To wit, the OTT segment is expected to show the highest CAGR from 2021 to 2028, driving the demand for online video and STB software development services.
However, to win in the race for clients in such a competitive OTT market and increase ARPU, pay particular attention to the ways of enhancing viewer satisfaction.

Excellent UI and UX

Great, customizable UI is what sets your brand apart, so underpin the development with aspects like user-centric analysis, A/B and multivariate user behavior testing, and user journey mapping. This will allow you to ensure seamless user onboarding, intuitive navigation, and intelligent UI customization.
Among other areas that you can improve with a user-centric development approach are content search and discovery, second screening, device compatibility, and compliance with specific interface design guidelines.
More screens and devices mean more opportunities and viewers – take this into account when building your STB solution. Make your OTT platform the go-to option of content consumption by reaching audiences on Android TV, Roku, Amazon Fire TV, Apple TV, and Google Chromecast.

Rock-solid app performance

If you want to reduce OTT churn, be ready to provide frictionless streaming. From early non-functional requirements analysis to performance engineering to continuous performance testing, cover all key QoS aspects to enable stellar viewing experiences.
By performing stress and load testing, you’ll make sure your app has the optimal speed and reliability in high-load conditions. QA automation—including automated testing on hundreds of real devices—will help you accelerate time to market without compromising quality.
Another important step to keep viewers satisfied and engaged is enhancing frontend performance—through performance-driven UX and UI design, GPU-powered UI rendering, RAM and CPU usage optimization, and extended battery life.

Diverse payment and subscription options

Intelligent implementation of various monetization options will help you not only increase revenue, but also accommodate users. SVOD, AVOD, TVOD, EST, PPV – try multiple models and decide what works best for your business.
Analyze your audience and launch customized ads in a non-intrusive way, without broadcast interruptions. One more way to secure your profits and improve ROIs is to incorporate effective, flexible payment models.
Don’t underestimate the power of loyalty programs. Increase engagement with fully customizable personalized offers, coupons, and promotions, as well as TV advertising and upsell premium services.

Content personalization

There’s no better way to boost viewer engagement than to deliver tailored content suggestions. To live up to user expectations in this regard, make the most of data collection and AI-fueled analysis. This will allow you to gain precise BI insights into viewer preferences and behavior (devices, time, duration, location, etc.), which is key to serving the right content at the right time.
Also, deliver attractive content feeds with curated promo imagery and AI-driven metadata. Create action-filled, personalized trailers to motivate users to watch more.
You can also raise the ante with intelligent layout management across devices and platforms. This includes granular visual content programming, adjustable monetization workflows, and multiple subscription models.

On a final note

Viewer acquisition and retention has never been more difficult. With so much diverse live and on-demand content available on the market, you need to make efforts to attract more eyeballs. Outstanding UI and UX, blazing-fast app performance, subscription options availability, video personalization — these are some of the ways to accommodate users and win their loyalty.

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