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How to Become a Gambling Counsellor?

The impact of gambling related problems is not just financial but also associated with mental health problems leading to depression, anxiety, and even suicide. This pathological gambling affects individuals, their families, and friends, and even society. The effects of this gambling addiction and betting when on GamStop have motivated some people to engage themselves to assist those who need help to overcome.
Gambling counsellor is one of the positions that provide gambling counselling to the target people and their relatives. This job has become attractive since it promotes public awareness about the social issues related to compulsive gambling through high-quality gambling counselling. Additionally, with the growing popularity of bookies listed at among the GamStop players gambling-related services are also becoming important. For those who want to become a gambling counsellor or start their career path in the gambling area, consider following these steps.

Undertake a Basic Course

Similar to every field of study, you can specialize in treating gambling problems since there are professional organisms that help you to develop your proficiency. Education programmes to enlarge your skills are required and at the end of your studies, you will be given certifications to attest to your competence. Moreover, a bachelor’s level or higher is required to become a gambling counselor but the professionals can follow courses through professional organisations to get certificates. As a matter of fact, the route to becoming a counselor depends on each country.
In the United Kingdom, the first stage to follow this career path is to start an introductory course. Since there are numerous counselling theories available, the learners have to make additional research that will allow them to be aware of the various theories that support different college certificates and diplomas. With a large choice of counselling theories, choosing the best one can be a confusing task, so it is important they learn about the reputation of their chosen centers of learning.

Training Courses with Certificate of Completion

Involving in becoming a Counsellor on gambling required a diploma course in which the learners have to complete a minimum of 60 hours certificate level training course. In this course, the interested students will be provided with applicable skills in this job field. Some colleges run the course over a year whereas others run it more intensively. Since a gambling addiction Counsellor will typically be expected to hold a diploma related to counselling, the trainees have to attend regular clinical supervision. In addition, several accredited courses and workshops are also offered for those who want to be counsellors.
These courses allow them to improve their knowledge of various cases. Obviously, this certificate aims to know learners who have acquired an acceptable level of course, training, skills, and effectiveness as a Gambling Counsellor. This specific training has to meet the core competencies along with many hours of work experience in direct counselling in gambling addiction treatment centers.

Diploma in Gambling Addiction Counselling

Working with addicted gamblers is not a piece of cake since these Counsellors must be familiar with dealing with a diverse range of issues associated with gambling. To get a job as a Counsellor, the interested person is expected to have at least a diploma level and with a minimum of two years’ duration as a member of BACP (British Association of Counselling and Psychotherapy) or NCS (National Counselling Society). This diploma has two modules including Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) and Certificate in Addiction Counselling.
Concerning the CBT, this module aims to relieve emotional distress because various problems may occur when beliefs and thought patterns are negative or unrealistic. As these various issues may lead to emotional disorders, CBT is effective in treating people with gambling addiction. As far as the Certificate in Addiction Counselling is concerned, this course is an opportunity to be qualified, improving your career and counselling practice.

Understand BACP and NCS Roles

BACP and NCS are among the recognised associations for members of the counselling professions in the UK. Concerning BACP (British Association of Counselling and Psychotherapy), this body is considered to be the leading professional organisation for the members of counselling professions that has over 50,000 members in the UK. BACP, actually, works to promote the duty and relevance of the counselling professions in the goal to develop effective and competent practice.
This British association was launched in the 1970s and has become more reputable in September 2000. Regarding the National Counselling Society (NCS), this not for profit organism aims to ensure that the members are safe, ethical, and qualified practitioners. The two organisations represent the interests of counselling meaning that Counsellors who are members of these bodies are competent and professionals

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