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Quitting is Hard, Let CBD Help

We know that quitting an addiction to tobacco and nicotine is difficult. However, researchers believe that CBD may be the key to breaking the habit permanently. Millions try every year to kick cigarettes to the curb, but only six percent seem to find success. Mental addiction is the hardest aspect to overcome, and non tobacco pouches or other nicotine replacement therapy only treat the physical dependence. CBD works on retraining your brain, so you can focus on battling the physical facet.

How CBD Helps

The CDC has announced that more Americans are addicted to tobacco above any other drug, including cocaine. Millions of dollars are poured into research and products every year to find an end to this problem, as it is the number one cause of preventable deaths. Researchers ran a week-long experiment in 2013 to determine if there was any proof to claims regarding CBD helping prevent mental addiction. They discovered that after only a week, people using CBD reduced their consumption by 40-percent. It is believed this is because CBD stimulates the body to produce dopamine and serotonin naturally. Therefore, your body does not rely on nicotine for your brain to manage anxiety and stress.

Breaking the Cycle

Smoking relies on habits and triggers from environmental, emotional, and cellular levels. Humans are creatures of habit, and the brain uses these habits to function. A link is made when you drink coffee and smoke a cigarette that you smoke whenever you consume a cup of joe. CBD helps to break these links and reinforce positive rituals. It is important in the beginning to consult with a therapist to assist with healthy coping skills while you take edibles to manage anxiety or insomnia. Medical professionals understand there are many reasons nicotine is relied on.

Handling Withdrawal

Common symptoms that come with quitting nicotine include:

  • Headaches
  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Insomnia
  • Inability to focus.
  • Irritability

Anxiety and depression are naturally occurring, but they feel worse when you stop smoking because nicotine produces serotonin. This is a chemical your brain would produce to make you feel happy but stops when it can rely on an outside source. CBD becomes helpful by stimulating your body to produce dopamine and serotonin until your brain has been reprogrammed. These withdrawal symptoms are what lead to severe cravings that lead to a relapse in smoking. Finally, CBD has anti-inflammatory properties, so pain is managed.

Best CBD to Quit

Breaking the Cycle
It is best when you quit to take baby steps and do not expect too much from your body at once. Start with a vape that uses CBD oil, so you do not fight your body’s urge for something on your lips. Naturally, the key to success comes with breaking all habits. This means you will want to move away from smoking, including vape, altogether. Tinctures and edibles ( are better options because they can be used anywhere. They take slightly longer to take effect, but they offer long-lasting results. CBD contains no hallucinogenic properties, so it can be used while at work without worrying about battling a high.
Before you jump into CBD use, talk to a physician who understands natural remedies. They have resources on reputable companies that regularly test their product and what dosage would be best for your needs.

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