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How Hoarding Can Become Dangerous?

Hoarding It always seems exciting to acquire new stuff whenever you have the money to spend, right? Every human being is wired to get this reaction anytime they get some extra cash worth spending. However, purchasing decisions are different for every individual as this is pegged on their state of mind and the level of their needs. If you find yourself purchasing or acquiring items excessively, more than what you actually need, and building up clutter, you’re a hoarder. And in this case, you need to hire a team that’ll help with hoarding cleanup.
When you have difficulty disposing of unused items, you should consider a cleanup. Sadly, with a hoarding disorder, you will hardly see a problem in keeping loads of junk and clutter in your space. In fact, you will keep acquiring items excessively.
This is while you hold on to unmanageable amounts of junk, Your space becomes congested and chaotic. The more congested your living area becomes, the more dangerous it gets for you and other people sharing the space. The following points show how hoarding can be a danger to you and others:

It Causes Congestion and Obstruction

Unless you make a point to regularly conduct hoarding cleanup, you will find yourself with a congested living area full of obstructions.  Imagine trying to move around piles of junk and clutter blocking your stairways, doors, and corridors. Quite a tricky navigation, isn’t it? You will have a hard time moving things around just to get through to another side of the room. Moreover, you could risk tripping over junk and making more mess out of the clutter.
If you are living with children or friends, this means more traffic in the hallways.  More space is necessary. You can’t have this if you are hoarding items, can you? Without hoarding cleanup, the clutter will create unnecessary obstruction and make the living conditions terrible. Congestion additionally compromises the quality of the air you breathe. It bars access to essential areas with fire alarms, fire extinguishers, and sanitation facilities. Even if you do not feel the inconvenience of congestion and obstruction now, you will feel it later. This is when movement and accessibility become chaotic.

Creates Safety and Health Hazards

How Hoarding Can Become Dangerous?No positive outcome can be achieved from hoarding items. In fact, hoarding tendencies are difficult to curb if you do not do regular hoarding cleanup. This is because the more you get used to the discomfort of living with clutter, the more you adapt to the situation. You may fail to realize until it’s too late; that your health and safety will be compromised with too much clutter in your space. Crowded countertops, stoves, drawers, staircases, hallways, and corners each have their own health and safety-related issues.
Not only will you trip and injure yourself on junk lying everywhere, but your loved ones can equally get affected. First, there’s dust gathering and affecting the air you breathe, hence causing respiratory disorders like asthma, allergies, and suffocation. Second is the fire hazards due to poor aeration and storage of combustible items in a congested space. In addition, blocked exits will make a response to fires and other safety concerns slower, hence life-threatening.

Enables Pest Infestation and Causes Damages to the House

If you have not considered hoarding cleanup for a long while, then imagine the kind of damage the clutter is causing to your house. Rodents thrive in congested, dirty spaces, therefore with clutter all over, your house will be a home for rodent infestation. There is no way you can do effective cleaning in a congested living area. Unless you are doing a cleanup, there will be inaccessible spots with dirt, liquid spillage, and food droppings. This will cause dampness, mold, fungus, and pest infestation, which is both destructive and dangerous for your health.
With hoarding, the mess keeps spreading more, eventually making your wooden flooring give way when ants attack or the weight of junk is excessive.  In addition, your floors and walls could be smudged and corroded by corrosive agents in storage. What’s more, doing repairs will be impossible due to congestion. Ultimately, your house gradually becomes inhabitable due to the damages and pest infestation.

Leads To Conflict and Stress, Thus, the Need for Hoarding Cleanup

How Hoarding Can Become Dangerous?Did you know that cramped-up spaces can lead to conflicts? In worst-case scenarios, hoarding can lead to divorce or separation of a couple. This is because the hoarder is mostly unaware that this is a problem.
With all the discomfort stemming from congestion, obstruction, and possible injury, people try to accommodate hoarding tendencies until they cannot do it anymore. Next, they get into conflict and act out in despair, which can strain their relationship with the hoarder. In the end, life becomes stressful for everyone, and tough decisions have to be made if hoarding cleanup cannot be agreed upon.

Final Thoughts

Hoarding is not easy to manage if you cannot acknowledge that the items you keep stacking up are affecting your living conditions. The perceived importance you attach to worthless items can blind you from the fact that you need to let them go through a hoarding cleanup.
Whatever makes you hoard useless items, you can get out of it by identifying that there is a problem and that you can seek help for the same. The above points will help you realize that hoarding can be dangerous and that you need regular exercises to declutter your space.

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