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Christopher James Camut | Director, President & CEO | Field Squared

Field Squared: All-in-One Field Service Automation Software

Many service businesses today are at a pivotal point in their adoption of technology that addresses key field service management and operations challenges. A year or two ago, they may have purchased a simple scheduling app that moved them away from scheduling work orders, tasks or jobs via spreadsheets. Or, they may have subscribed to a mobile forms app to go paperless. Each attempt was in an effort to stem the hemorrhaging of efficiency losses, increasing overhead costs or bruised customer experience, across one component of their field operations.
Today’s service businesses are no longer accepting of software that only solves one of their challenges. Instead, they’re looking for something that does everything, all-inone, while, at the same time, has the capability to grow and scale as the business grows.
Taking these and many other challenges service businesses experience into consideration, Field Squared was formed. It’s in the DNA of the company to continuously expand the Field Squared Platform, enhancing its solution to go beyond the present in order to solve the future needs of its customers. Advancing the industry forward is something that the company does not take lightly, rather, it passionately accepts the responsibility whole-heartedly. The company thrives on solving its customers challenges across their entire field operations.
A Pioneer in the Market 
Field Squared is a pioneer in the field service automation software market. The company was founded on the observation that there was a desperate need in the market for an all-in-one software solution that could bring together enterprise operations across field service management, enterprise asset management and mobile workforce management under a single pane of glass, by applying business process automation.
As a quick primer, business process automation (BPA) seeks to automate complex business processes, leveraging technology to do the heavy lifting. The goal is to automate simple, redundant, repeatable tasks to enable operations managers and executives, as well as the mobile workforce of technicians in the field, to significantly increase efficiency and effectiveness. Automation is further applied via integrations that orchestrate automatic updates across the many disparate third-party systems, tools and software field service businesses use every day (i.e., ERP, OMS, CRM, GIS, EMR).
By bringing data from disparate systems together under a single pane of glass, service businesses gain a consolidated view across their entire operations. With Field Squared, and unlike single use case or single industry field service software providers, that consolidated view includes activities spanning field service operations, assets (internalor customer-owned) and the mobile workforce in the field.
Leadership Propels Field Squared’s Innovation Engine 
Field Squared is led by Christopher James Camut, the company’s Director, President and CEO. As a fifth-time CEO, Christopher is no stranger to building successful technology companies. With Christopher at the helm, Field Squared has achieved record year-over-year triple-digit revenue growth and greatly expanded and enhanced the Field Squared Platform.
With a background in the ever-busy telecommunications services industry, he understands first-hand the challenges field service businesses experience. From effectively managing field technicians to providing the right tools that enable efficiency gains, his pulse is on the industry. At every turn, Christopher’s vision is what propels the innovation engine at Field Squared. This is why Field Squared’s award-winning software continues to make an impact in the market.
An Industry-first Innovation 
Field Squared built something different, an industry-first innovation to disrupt the field service management, enterprise asset management and mobile workforce management markets. Rather than following the status quo to focus on a single industry, component or feature, the company built the Field Squared Field Service Automation Platform to accomplish something far deeper and broader. The platform has the ability to enable complete digital transformation of field service operations through automation via an all-in-one software solution. Field Squared solves all the things, from the truly simple to highly complex business problems faced by field service organizations. With Field Squared, its customers move faster, drastically reduce operating expenses, and achieve exponential field workforce efficiency gains.
Industry-Leading Automation Capabilities 
One of the most important aspects of the field service technology that businesses adopt today is that it’s easy to use and allows their teams to get up and running quickly. A key capability of the Field Squared Platform is an industryleading digital mobile forms builder. Customers can quickly go paperless with a simple yet powerful drag-and-drop environment in which to build their mobile forms. The real power of Field Squared is the extensible workflow builder. Comprising the automation engine that Field Squared is known for, customers are empowered to increase operational efficiency to the nth degree. From the ability to automate and orchestrate updates from the field across the multitude of disparate third-party systems, tools and software the average field service business uses to sending real-time notifications, Field Squar ed enables it all.
Meeting the Future Needs of Service Businesses
The future is very bright for field service businesses. Being an innovator, Field Squared is always evolving and expanding to meet the future needs of its customers. Currently, the company is exploring opportunities to incorporate artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning capabilities into Field Squared. Additionally, it is looking at the concept of integrating wearable technology directly into its mobile application.