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Michael Wooden | Chief Executive Officer | OnProcess Technology

OnProcess Technology: A Trusted Advisor to Many of the World’s Leading Companies

It all started back in 1998, when OnProcess’ founder saw a market need, and built a multi-million-dollar business, starting in the basement of his home in a small town in the Greater Boston Area. A friend and professional contact of his working in a nearby business was describing some of the challenges they had in recovering costly equipment stranded in the field or with their customers- servers, networking gear, and routers. He quickly realized there was great value in not only helping this company, but also helping other companies like it to create and manage a process bringing their stranded equipment back into their inventory, refurbish & reuserather than having to spend money buying new equipment. That very first client, the business headquartered in the same sleepy patch of suburban Massachusetts, was technology giant EMC.
OnProcess may not be a household name, but it does count many of the world’s leading brands as customers. Dell/ EMC, HPE, Cisco, Comcast, Verizon, and AT&T all look to OnProcess to help optimize their service operations.
Spanning the Entire Service Value Chain 
Today, OnProcess is a leading global provider of service operations optimization solutions. With origins firmly rooted in process improvement, the firm has expanded its offerings far beyond asset recovery, and now spans the entire service value chain. As one can imagine, it takes significant cross-functional activity for any service provider to serve their customers. And more often than not, cross functional processes are riddled with gaps and overlaps- all driven by organic functional silos existing within that company. For example, the leader responsible for tech support is working to reduce handle time, while a field service leader is working to drive on time arrival and first time resolution, and at the same time the supply chain leader is working to reduce inventory values. The trouble is, when created and managed as individual processes, those metrics become adversarial forces wreaking havoc on service operations. In order to drive avoidable cost out of one’s business, and deliver a seamless customer experience, one must manage their service operations as a comprehensive process with aligned metrics and goals.
That’s where OnProcess comes in. OnProcess allows service providers to focus on their core competency, by providing operations optimization solutions that streamline the entire service operations ecosystem- everything from customer onboarding, to customer support, triage, remote diagnostics, order desk management, the dispatch of parts and technicians, on-demand field engineers, and end of life servicesincluding asset recovery, refurbishment, and disposition.
Turning Cost Center into Profit Center 
OnProcess leverages a combination of proprietary technology- fueled by predictive analytics, and service lifecycle/ process improvement experts to deliver significant cost savings, seamless customer experiences, and drive revenue growth. At OnProcess, it’s all about turning your cost center into a profit center through outcome based, custom tailored solutions pulling the right levers for each individual client’s business. OnProcess reduces avoidable truck rolls, and gets the right tech with the right part to the right place, at the right time- at the best possible cost, without sacrificing quality or customer satisfaction.
Driving Growth Through Results 
An elite team of OnProcess is led by Michael Wooden, the Chief Executive Officer of the company. Michael has been leading, growing, and building global enterprises as well as start-up services for more than two decades. Prior to joining the team, he held multiple executive and C-level roles with P&L responsibility across divergent sales channels and marketing functions, as well as strategy development, and with responsibility to create and expand outsourcing services for companies including Convergys Corporation and Xerox. “OnProcess built an incredible business over the first 16 years of its existence, and with some of the biggest names in technology, cable, and wireless as clients,” says Wooden. “When I joined the company, the question I had to ask was: how do we continue to deliver outstanding results, while unlocking new levels of value for our customers- both current and future? ” This question spurred the strategy and transformation of OnProcess’ business from its foundation in asset recovery, to the technology driven, outcome-based service optimization specialist that it is today.
“Our transformation strategy was really 2-fold”, asserts Wooden. “First, we built predictive analytics providing deep insights into our customer’s businesses- insights including the likelihood of a part to be returned, the likelihood of a warranty claims to be fraudulent, and even the likelihood of a part to be determined no fault found. Simultaneously we developed our proprietary technology platform with automated business rules to be driven by the embedded predictive analytics, and real-time visibility for our clients- and most importantly our own operational teams. The final step was the most critical- transforming our previous business model from transactional and headcount based, to an outcome-based model. A model where we wouldn’t win until our clients won. That was the real game-changer.”
“OnProcess quickly transformed a global, fragmented and highly complex order management system into a centralized streamlined program that improves customer experience while savings us money.” — Bridie Norman, VP Elekta Logistics Platform
“OnProcess’ custom solution for HPE is critical to substantial financial savings… benefits key areas of business including inventory management, transportation costs, & improvements to our returns process.” — Kollen Bower, Director HPE Global Services
“OnProcess enables Dell-EMC to better understand cost avoidance opportunities & drive greater efficiencies within our post-sale support landscape. OnProcess continually innovates to deliver additional value to our business.” — Mark Deitemeyer, Senior Director, Dell-EMC