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Nasim Ahmad | Founder & CEO | Facile Consulting

Facile Consulting: A Comprehensive Portfolio of IT Services

The world as we know has become a tech-savvy one, and that’s no different when it comes to work and business development system. Understanding the complex nature of technologies, emerging tools, and their impact on the businesses at large, software companies are helping the businesses to become faster and more productive than ever.
Facile Consulting is a software services, consulting and business solutions firm that delivers real results to global businesses, ensuring a level of certainty no other firm can match.
We at Insights Success are delighted to introduce you to Nasim Ahmad, the Founder & CEO of Facile Consulting. We’ve had the privilege to understand and exhibit his views on providing software solutions and consulting. He outlines his vision for Facile Consulting and many more topics.
Below are the highlights of the interview:
Briefly describe your company and its vision and mission.
Facile Consulting is a new-age software solutions organization based in Bangalore (dubbed as India’s Silicon Valley). We deliver cutting-edge products and solutions for the global customers. We are innovative & responsive IT service provider with impeccable track record in software delivery. We work closely with our customers in building solutions that best align with business requirements. We are a group of industry leaders who are passionate about solving challenging business problems, creating, and contributing to the next generation technologies.
Vision: To work together and be the most innovative company which empower people and business with technology that fulfils their objectives.
Mission: To provide futuristic solutions to customers which enables them to be competitive and make a sustainable development as well.  We reorganize the value given by customers to provide better living for people.
Brief us in detail about the services/solutions/products your company offers.

  • Mobility
  • Enterprises ADM
  • Web application development
  • Engineering & Security
  • RPA
  • Performance engineering
  • Technology consulting
  • RPA

RPA has been emerging in top industries. This has helped in improving efficiency and reduce costs. RPA allows organizations to automate their operational process. At Facile we have best expertise in RPA which helps any organization to automate their software.
We provide solutions in Banking, Healthcare, Manufacturing, Telecommunication.
Facile has implemented Invoice Automation for a Financial SaaS application. The Invoice Automation work has helped a large chain of hotels in USA who processes many invoices on daily basis, and this Automation has helped them significantly.
Performance engineering
The software systems should meet the performance requirements of the modern and intricate processes. By adapting to the software performance engineering businesses can ensure their system is robust enough to fit into performing the arduous processes.
At Facile Consulting, our skilled team with extensive experience has a comprehensive approach to performance engineering, and in optimizing the system to perform testing needs such as response time scalability, availability, reliability etc.
Technology Consulting
Technology helps the businesses to make informed decisions using extensive data and deep insights. Our consultants have efficient tools to provide full scale solutions to the technology needs, which enables the decision maker with efficient data to take informed decision.
What awards and recognitions has your company achieved over the years?

  • Clutch one of the B2B review & rating platform recognized Facile Consulting as one of top software development firm in Bengaluru in their 2019 Report.
  • Silicon Review recognized Facile Consulting under Super 30 Companies of the Year 2019.

What are the benefits that your clients receive which makes them choose your company over your competitors?
Our employee’s extensive skills and experiences helps in assessing the customers requirement precisely and deliver satisfying results.
Our innovativeness in problem solving reduces the cost and time required for the project, which enables us to achieve the efficiency and timely delivery. With our efficiency and the use of latest technologies the quality of our offering is improved.
Hence, we are able to deliver the quality products and services efficiently, on time and at low cost. In short we emphasize quality delivery.
What are the current trends in the market which your company caters to? and give us your views on what can be the future.
Facile is always a step ahead in offering latest technologies to the customers. Automation, Cloud technology and AI models are currently in trend which are taking roots into every business. These technologies fundamentally transform the organisations and improve their efficiency by reducing the operational work and by utilizing lesser resources.
Companies are making enormous effects on intelligent environments via Robotics and AI. These environments are rapidly changing and giving rise to new technologies every day.
Yet, AI has very wide range of applications, hence advancements in these technologies are happening continuously which leaves a large chunk unexplored.
What are the advancements you are going to make in your services/solutions/products in the near future?
Business innovation are rapidly changing the scope of technology work. Facile is expanding its services in AI and cloud adoption which will continue to rise as the companies take up through hybrid-cloud environment.
Meet the Leader
Nasim Ahmad is Founder & CEO of Facile Consulting. Nasim is a technologist who has held senior leadership role in Software Services & IT Consulting Company. Nasim has led large software development team and has worked as Offshore Development Head. Nasim has worked with companies and customers like Sapient, CIBER, AFS Technologies, Toyota, TESCO, Xerox, Disney etc. Nasim now works on technologies related to BI, Cloud, IOT & connected intelligent, and autonomous transportation technologies (connected autonomous vehicles).
We are always struggling hard to map the two sides of business. i.e customers and employees. In both we are scaling the innovativeness to produce sustainable results. i.e to meet the customer objective and involving employees in innovation as well.
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