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Projjol Banerjea | CPO & Founder | zeotap

Zeotap: Minting a New Generation of Customer Intelligence

Understanding customers and their behaviors are critical for both online and offline business success. To meet the market demands and competition, service providers are offering businesses and their teams of marketers and data scientists new ways to provide personalized experiences based on accurate customer understandings and insights.
One such organization that has successfully demonstrated that data needs to guide every decision within the customer-centric enterprise is zeotap. Since its inception, zeotap has leveraged its proprietary technology to ensure that its 360 customer identity views made from customer data are every bit GDPR compliant. This data is helping its clients to strategize their next moves from innovative offerings to everything its data says is going to serve its customers best.
We at Insights Success are delighted to introduce you to Projjol Banerjea, Founder & CPO at zeotap. Here he talks about zeotap’s products and services, his professional journey and more. The below-mentioned excerpt is the highlight of the interview:
IS: Briefly describe your company and its vision and mission.
Projjol: Zeotap is a Customer Intelligence Platform that helps brands better understand their customers and predict their behaviors, to enable brands to invest in customer relationships and products that matter. Our solution already enables 75+ of the top 100 global brands to achieve their marketing goals.
IS: Brief us about the services/solutions/products your company offers.
Projjol: Zeotap offers three unique interconnected solutions to the marketing and advertising ecosystem:
Connect allows a brand to digitize and consolidate a client’s first-party data for a unified customer view. This entails merging the offline and online data worlds, namely emails and phone numbers from CRMs and POSs with data from website/app and advertising channels.
Zeotap Enrich enables brands to unlock the full power of their first-party data by combining it with high-quality third-party data so that customer trigger points can be better understood. The addition of zeotap’s data to first-party data in the CRM/DMP helps build 360-degree customer profiles. These profiles inform budget allocation and enhance predictive models and analytics. With better customer insights, brands are able to segment their audiences and run advanced machine learning algorithms to work out the propensity that a customer would have to perform a specific action, for example, churn. With this customer intelligence, marketers can become extremely data-driven in their promotions.
Activate allows brands to increase ROI through better prospecting, churn prevention and re-targeting. Thanks to integrations with global and local distribution channels, that allow brands to reach their target audiences across devices.
IS: What are the current trends in the market which your company caters to? Give us your views on what can be the future.
Projjol: 5G, big data, and artificial intelligence with a privacy perspective are all trends that are working together right now and advancing the industry. The increase in data volumes generated from the connected Internet of Things (IoT) devices- and soon 5G powered- coupled with the increasing privacy-first policies will make the world of data, advertising and marketing a growing challenge.
That’s why it’s become more important than ever for brands to have superior customer intelligence to survive in an increasingly competitive advertising/marketing landscape, where personalization is the cornerstone of everything.
IS: What are the benefits that your clients receive which makes them choose your company over your competitors?
Projjol: Zeotap acts as a one-stop-shop for onboarding, enrichment, analytics, and activation. Furthermore, zeotap is a global company, active across Europe, the UK, the US, and LatAm. These factors truly differentiate us.
IS: What awards and recognitions has your company achieved over the years?
Projjol: In 2018, we secured ISO/IEC 27001 and were GDPR re-certified. We have the CSA (Cloud Security Alliance) Silver STAR certification and a few more that bring our certifications in the fields of data privacy and security to eight. Significantly, our intelligent technology zeoCore earned us a US patent for its GDPR-compliant telecom network ID mapping solution. In 2019, we received the prestigious Best Data Enabling Technology award from AdExchanger and were named the Most Disruptive Innovation by TM Forum as well as one of the Top 10 Privacy Tech companies by Business Insider.
IS: What are the advancements you are going to make in your services/solutions/products in the near future?
Projjol: We are betting on automation and artificial intelligence, and that’s precisely what we’re implementing in our proprietary tech platform zeoCoreTM. We started with automation in the fields of data quality, and we’ve gotten quite far. As of today, zeoCore automatically tests the quality of fresh new data and only ingests it into our platform if it meets a rigid quality threshold. We’ve also built an automatic advanced data scoring and merging engine that ensures that the quality and precision of the data remain, even if volume increases. We also recently entered the market in Mexico to establish a local headquarters for the rest of Latin America – making our products more accessible with 10 offices worldwide to serve our global clients.
About the Leader
Projjol Banerjea, the CPO & Founder of zeotap is an experienced product and technology executive, serial entrepreneur, and keynote speaker. His team is comprised of 70+ Bangalore-based engineers and data scientists who work effortlessly on developing zeotap’s bulletproof technology to serve the world’s largest brands.
Before zeotap, he was the Chief Product Officer at moboqo and VP Marketing & BD at Fyber both of which were acquired by Applovin and RNTS Media ($190 million) respectively. He has received an MBA from Oxford’s Saïd Business School, an MS in Informatics (HCI) from Indiana University and a BA in Computer Science (summa cum laude, Phi Beta Kappa) from DePauw University.