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Soren Christensen | Managing Partner | ITS Security & Surveillance (ITS)

ITS Security and surveillance: Creating a Safer World

ITS Security and Surveillance (ITS) is a sophisticated and intently organised regional security firm providing adequate protection to customers by delivering lifestyle-driven solutions. It offers professionally installed surveillance solutions, and digital-based offerings for residential, medium, small, micro enterprises, and large commercial customers.
ITS Security & Surveillance has been operating in the GCC for almost 20 years through the head office in Dubai, UAE. Their vision is to stay committed and dedicated to new and existing customers through a continued and sustained high level of service.
We at Insights Success are delighted to introduce you to Soren Christensen, the Managing Partner at ITS Security and Surveillance (ITS). Here he talks about ITS’ products and services, his professional journey and more.
The below-mentioned excerpt is the highlight of the interview:
Brief us in detail about the services/solutions/products your company offers.
Being a proven security solution provider, we specialise in providing bespoke solutions to our clients’ residential and commercial requirements. We provide certified security installation across a range of products including access control, CCTV, intrusion alarm systems etc. As one of the few complete Managed Services Providers in the region, we can offer to integrate your entire security system into our Managed Services package thus providing real time monitoring of the equipment as well as reporting on any urgent requirements.
What are the current trends in the market which your company caters to?
The current trends within the security space are primarily linked to the focus on the integrated and certified solutions allowing the federal governments access to elements of the surveillance installation. In particular, this means, that installation companies need to be qualified and registered with different agencies like SIRA and ADMCC. This helps regulate the integrators and products. Always ensure to check your integrator has the required certifications.
What are the benefits that your clients receive which makes them choose your company over your competitors?
As previously mentioned, ITS Security & Surveillance is fully certified by the authorities and adding our vision to stay committed through a high-level service, we can offer clients our full service offering from design to implementation and maintenance. Basically, we are a one-stop-shop with the highest level of service in the market today.
What awards and recognitions has your company achieved over the years?
We are proud to recently have been appointed Security Solution provider for three Pavilions at Expo 2020 Dubai (Portugal, Denmark and Nepal).
Another milestone for us, was the CCTV installation and Annual Maintenance Contract for the highest residential tower in the world [red. Princess Tower].
What are the advancements you are going to make in your services/solutions/products in the near future?
Firstly, it is extremely important to manage and increase the certified workforce and due to a sustained growth of approximately 20% year-on-year, we have managed to do exactly that. Over and above that we are in discussions with a few different vendors to become their certified integrators in certain select markets.
About the Leader
Soren is a Danish national residing in Dubai for almost two decades. He has been involved in the security industry for more than twenty years. From initially getting involved with security for the event space in Dubai, he is now managing ITS’ Security & Surveillance.
Soren believes, the company stands out, due to its long and proven track record of happy, recurrent clients. The company has its technicians who are DPS/SIRA approved. Thus, they can maintain and certify installations across the UAE, and naturally lead the security company.