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Shlomi Gian | Chief Executive Officer | CybeReady

CybeReady: Best Autonomous Cybersecurity Training Platform for Enterprises

Cyber attacks are on the rise, rapidly growing in number and sophistication year-over-year. Email Security, Firewalls, and other advanced technologies can never guarantee to block 100 percent of cyber attacks, leaving much of the responsibility to protect the organization for the second line of defense – its employees. But for employees, to become well-trained in detecting and avoiding cyber threats there’s a need for an effective continuous training program.
CybeReady offers the only autonomous cybersecurity training platform for enterprises. The CybeReady platform utilizes data science-powered training that implements nextlevel adaptive learning methodology, therefore, boosting change in employee behavior towards cyber attacks. The solution is fully-managed, making CybeReady the security awareness training solution with the lowest total cost of ownership (TCO) available today.
In an interview between Insights Success and Shlomi Gian, CEO, Shlomi guarantees to transform security culture through data science and advanced automation. Below are the highlights:
What led to the inception of the company? 
After training cybersecurity teams for over 20 years, CybeReady’s founders, Mike Polatsek and Omer Taran, met at NISA (The National Israeli Security Agency- an NSA equivalent) – where they trained Israel’s critical infrastructure companies. Throughout their journey, the two realized that no human professional can effectively train an entire workforce 365 days a year, which inspired them to start CybeReady and build a scientific training methodology in order to change employee behavior toward cyber attacks.
Could you throw some light on your mission and vision statement?
CybeReady’s mission is to empower CISOs with an autonomous training program that has proven to show significant results without taxing IT teams. The company has learned from security professionals about their frustrations from spending an increasing amount of time and resources on awareness training efforts with no measurable results. Despite the large investments, most training solutions used today are dated – they rely heavily on long videos and textbooks, and are unable to “move the needle”. CybeReady’s program is fully-managed and guarantees to transform the cybersecurity culture so that CISOs, along with employees, feel empowered by the positive change and the increased organizational resilience they are taking part in building.
Describe your company and its cutting-edge cybersecurity solutions that address all the needs of your customers. 
CybeReady offers an autonomous cybersecurity training platform that guarantees to change employee behavior and enterprise cybersecurity culture. It is a fully-managed service that eliminates all the associated IT overhead. The program provides a complete workforce training on a monthly basis year-round. The methodological data-science driven program is proved to change employee behavior toward phishing attacks. CybeReady also offers the lowest Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) as well as the highest ROI of any solution available today.
Give a detailed description of the featured person’s influence over the company and the industry. 
Shlomi Gian has more than 20 years of experience in the technology industry, bringing a unique powerful blend of product and business leadership expertise to CybeReady. As CEO, Shlomi is responsible for ramping up the company’s presence in the U.S and guiding overall growth for CybeReady worldwide. Over the past two decades he has built disruptive technologies, developed high-value strategic partnerships, and lead companies through major acquisitions. Shlomi served at the helm of numerous companies in the U.S and abroad, including Cotendo, Akamai, and PacketZoom – which was acquired by Roblox in 2018. He holds a B.S. degree in Computer Science and an MBA degree from the University of San Francisco.
How are you contributing to the evolution of the cybersecurity industry? 
CybeReady’s platform is a next-generation training solution. It provides an effective and efficient AI-driven training program that eliminated IT overhead while generating powerful results. By implementing CybeReady’s training program, organizations feel less powerless in the face of cyberattacks. Dated, long, and tedious training textbooks and videos are replaced with short and engaging learning content. This new approach builds positive cybersecurity culture and transforms the experience from redundant to effective.
What technologies are you leveraging to make your solutions resourceful? 
At the core of the product, there are three main technologies; (1) Data-driven automation to train 100% of the workforce on an ongoing basis without effort of the IT team, (2) Machine Learning (ML) to match employees with the adequate phishing simulation attack and deliver an adaptive training program, (3) Business Intelligence (BI)- based dashboard to allow real-time access to the program results.
What are your company’s future aspirations? What strategies are you undertaking to achieve those goals? CybeReady aspires to become the industry leader in cybersecurity awareness training and help build stronger enterprise resilience towards cyber-attacks. The company’s strategy is to focus on building a superior end-to-end training platform that addresses the needs of the leading modern enterprises, who are the main target for hackers and are looking for an innovative approach to mitigate that risk. From our experience, there is nothing like a reference customer to generate new business. We are confident in the value and benefits CybeReady provides to its customers, and when leading security professionals share their great results and experiences with other CISOs in their space, others will follow.
Ilan Abadi, Global CISO at Teva Pharmaceuticals – “We were faced with the challenge of training over 40,000 employees in 65 locations and 30 different languages. CybeReady’s training platform customizes and localizes the content on the fly, and the training continuously adapts to where employees are at in the learning curve, which has proven to generate a significant change in employee behavior towards phishing attacks globally.”