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Karla Reffold | Founder | BeecherMadden

BeecherMadden: Combining Talent with Excellence

In the field of cybersecurity the demand for skilled employees is incredibly high. There are too many jobs for too few qualified workers and to fill these jobs, businesses are forced to think out of the box and look to professionals who truly understand this market place. To fill this recruitment gap, BeecherMadden is a leading niche recruitment company with the track record of excellence in the recruitment of cybersecurity professionals.
BeecherMadden addresses the talent shortage within cybersecurity by helping companies find the right people for them. There is a huge mismatch where people who want to enter the industry don’t know where to start. It is also hard for companies to differentiate themselves as a place to work, when so many companies are hiring. It helps them solve both of those issues with traditional and new recruitment techniques. The company wants to be the number one cybersecurity recruitment company across the US and the UK. According to the company, “We are the authority on cybersecurity recruitment. What that means to us is being the top performing supplier for our clients, to have our candidates refer and recommend us, a market leading net promoter score and a turnover of $50 million. One of our values is People First and having a team of people who love working for us, as well as with us, is key to delivering our vision.”
An Influential Mind 
Karla Reffold founded BeecherMadden in 2010 as she saw a gap in the market for someone to truly specialize in cybersecurity. Recruitment isn’t always done well, and she knew that they could do well by rectifying this. She has guided the company through its growth and through an acquisition, which has enabled faster expansion. The market data that Karla and BeecherMadden produce, helps companies make better hiring decisions. The data focuses on the job market and trends, with a real focus on how companies can improve their diversity. In 2019, the company was named as The Security Recruitment Company of the Year and Karla was featured in the SC Media top 50 Women of Influence in Cyber Security. She also writes for Forbes and is a judge for The American Cyber Awards.
Different and Constructive 
People are the biggest risk to cybersecurity today. If teams are not at full capacity, either in number or capability, companies cannot secure all their risks. At BeecherMadden the team believes “people burn out when they are under-resourced and we can’t evolve as an industry if people are not at their best, or decide to leave.” By promoting cybersecurity as a career and helping companies hire the best, the company is helping these teams perform at their best. With a focus on attracting diverse candidates, it is also helping teams make better decisions and perform better in the long term.
Further, the company says data is the key thing for it. By using the data it holds on the cybersecurity job market, and translating this into useful insights and suggestions for its clients, they can help them make better hiring decisions. In recruitment, technology helps, but it is the focus on building and maintaining long-standing relationships that sets the company apart from the competition.
Moving Ahead Everyday 
BeecherMadden’s US expansion is the biggest aspiration it has right now. The DC office is growing in Q1 2020 and will continue to grow throughout the year. The enterprise is hiring more people to work for it so it can deliver the best possible results to all of its clients, as well as adding new ones. It is also now able to take over the whole recruitment process for the clients, saving them time and money whilst also adding extra expertise to their teams.
They were transparent in their interactions with me. BeecherMadden also delivered results. I enjoyed my interactions with them
BeecherMadden were an absolute pleasure to work with. They made it more of an experience rather than just the run of the mill job hunt. When it came to relocation in my situation they were completely understanding of family needs, and negotiated some assistance for us as well. I will be sending any future colleagues searching to BeecherMadden, as well as reaching out to BeecherMadden for any of my own placement needs for our team