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Steven R. Russo | Executive Vice President | Eclypses Inc_

Eclypses Inc.: A Next Gen-Cyber Security Company Revolutionizing Digital Data Protection with MicroToken Exchange® (MTE)

With so many cyber threats, cyber security services are in demand.
The world as a whole needs to understand the gravity of the situation and the challenge, to secure all types of sensitive digital assets. Though, protecting the digital data and sensitive information is the utmost need of every organization yet, very few cyber security services can provide the satisfactory results.
Mostly used current methods are simply not good enough. The days of storing data in a vault, building a firewall or two around it, and then utilizing encryption methodology intrusion protection, simply are not stopping bad actors from successfully stealing what’s inside.
Meet Eclypses Inc., a cyber security company that offers revolutionary methods for protecting the business digital assets and sensitive information. Steven R. Russo, EVP of the Eclypses, Inc., has achieved many milestones in its pathway in the development of MTE. With long term experience of Eclypses Inventors Tim Reynolds, CTO and David Schoenberger, CIO that both have deep backgrounds in and around payment card security, everyone in the organization has had the confidence to develop the MTE cyber security solution that would not only work but would revolutionize how digital data is protected, both while at rest as well as while in transit.
Higher Level of Data Security 
If Data Can Be Hacked, Lost, Stolen or Intercepted, Then Stop Using “Real Data” Use MicroTokens Instead,” says Steven. Eclypses provides technology, services, and education to secure sensitive digital information, additionally, mitigating risks, while protecting reputations and assets. Services of Eclypses provide a new, higher level of data security while maintaining flexibility, adaptability, and accessibility through use of its own MicroToken Exchange (MTE) proprietary-patented MicroEncryption® – MicroTokenization® solutions. Eclypses takes cyber security to a new level within its PCI DSS certified, as well as HIPAA, Certified, hybrid server system. MTE is also available for remote deployment.
Innovative, Disruptive and Patented Technology 
Eclypses’ industry leading cybersecurity software, MicroToken Exchange, (MTE) help its clients protect their most sensitive and private digital information from cybercriminals and cyber terrorists today. With the next generation of technological advancements, and the advent of quantum computing, there remains a requirement for innovative cyber security assurance measures to protect against and prevent new vulnerabilities. The results of such cyber-attacks can be disabling, catastrophic and financially debilitating in many ways. Eclypses, solved this problem of protecting data with its innovative, disruptive and patented technology, MicroToken Exchange (MTE).
Eclypses has invented a new “Quantum Resistant” disruptive framework known as MicroToken Exchange, or MTE, utilizing methods which replace actual data with MicroTokens™, or MicroToken clusters. This occurs throughout the process of storing and or transmitting of sensitive data elements depending upon the application.
Passionate and Intelligent Leadership 
Steven Russo, Executive VP, comprehends the importance of cybersecurity and believes “The best defence, is a good offense”, he emphasized “In the age of technological development, data privacy has become even more prevalent than ever before. Long ago, individuals used fireproof safes, solid steel safe boxes or rented safety deposit boxes at banks to preserve all their critical and confidential information. However, today, everything being digital it’s all about the digital vault.” Hybrid cybersecurity platform of Eclypses, without risking the exploitation of sensitive data, supports and simplifies the capability to analyse, share, and distribute mission critical information seamlessly across multiple platforms. The Eclypses team is very passionate about cybersecurity. Along with Steven they have been available for many Keynote speaking engagements. Additionally, Steven has published a host of security white papers and articles, many of which have been featured by larger, highly respected and read publications.
Unique and Elegant Software 
Eclypses MTE concepts are unlike any other approach in the world today, as MTE makes data exploitation impregnable, systems and connected devices remain unscathed, stable and secure. It is both unique and elegant in its brilliant design and architecture. In most cases, there is no requirement to change or add additional hardware or method of communication. MTE is applicable to Data-At- Rest, Data-In-Transit, for the Internet of Things (IoT) and industrial (IIoT) along with commands to connected and or “Intelligent” devices.
Eclypses provides a paradigm shift in encryption capabilities for data transmission and storage. Because MTE is “designed to be easily implemented with any existing software requiring low amounts of processing power and memory to work in a resourced constrained environment,” it is a natural solution in most commercialenterprise, government, military and national security applications. Low latency for secure command & control systems is of paramount importance and is strongly desired by key decision makers.
Facilitate the Securing of Data 
Eclypses maintains four proprietary patents currently, with two more pending. Through the deployment of Eclypses MicroToken Exchange, it can facilitate the securing of Data-at-Rest, Data-in-Transit as well as Commands to both Connected and or Intelligent devices.
Solving a Long-standing Vulnerability 
Eclypses’ newest break though is the securing of data in transit for Web based applications/connected devices. It has proudly named the solution WebMTE. WebMTE is the first protection of its kind as it secures transmitted sensitive data elements within a web page both seamlessly and easily, by deployment through a web server browser session. This technology is going to revolutionize sensitive data transmitted by individuals over the internet, using their web browser. WebMTE solves a long-standing vulnerability that has existed for years.
Creating a Difference 
Eclypses is creating a difference with its ability to replace exploitable data with un-exploitable MicroToken Exchange (MTE) software and proven security processes. Individuals and businesses continue to face the daily challenge of securing data & commands to be connected with intelligent devices-systems, known as (IoT) (IIoT). Eclypses provides a simpler, yet, elegantly sophisticated, secure solution, that is rapidly deployable, impregnable and affordable. MTE is the answer everyone in the cyber community has been searching for.