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Tips to adapt to Tech in Everyday Life

For a start, remember that technology is almost like breathing. Can you live without breathing?? NO YOU CAN’T! So why expect the same from technology? Like everything else, technology shall also change. If you don’t keep pace, you would be as useful as a cave man in the 21st century! Novel to look at but nothing beyond!
Like a tsunami wave which take away everything in its path, technology comes in waves with succeeding one carting away whatever is left of the previous one. And as far as tech goes, it does come in waves. For those who resist, there is certain drowning. Or worse, being hit by something entirely unexpected because you remain unmoved. But, what if you learnt to swim? You would obviously NOT drown. Even better, with time, you would simply enjoy the experience like a surfer on a surf-board who doesn’t get scared of the biggest and most frightening of waves!
The best of swimmers too enjoys a good tip. So why not a tech surfer! We mention tips to adapt to technology in everyday life.

  • Acceptance: It’s said that acceptance brings peace. When you accept, you look at the problem a the perspective to find solutions which with time does come to you. Acceptance wholeheartedly is much better than acceptance with reluctance. The latter is never from one’s heart and that which doesn’t come from the heart remains shallow in substance. Acceptance makes one open to ideas and exploration. Left with no option and also not accepting make a person vengeful, negative and pessimistic. Instead, when you accept, you look at the positives and plan for change.
  • Read extensively whenever possible: Technology can initially overwhelm when one doesn’t accept. Acceptance is like the first step in the journey of a thousand miles. Doing so send a strong message to the other parts of one psyche to start looking with positivity at things. Read initially from publications meant for ‘dummies’. Don’t get carried away by the world dummy. In the beginning you are just that. Accept and read on till rudimentary things start to irritate you. With time you shall move to tougher things simply because you understand nittie-gritties. But, never, ever give up reading. It is that one thing that shall keep you ahead on the curve of knowledge. Find out all the gurus of your field and where all they write and subscribe for those feeds to come to your mail box. Without any major efforts you shall get stuff that makes sense.
  • Meet with experts who are easily accessible in your immediate circles: A tech guru on the other side of the moon won’t serve any purpose where it’s about understanding things first-hand. Find one in your immediate circles, preferably even in your workplace who you know for a fact is good with tech and has an inclination to explain others. There are those who continue being secretive about their knowledge who in the tech world turn dodos pretty fast.
  • Keep recording questions either on your notes section or even on your recorders. Questions don’t come to mind when you are in the presence of an expert because we forget most in the course of our day’s activities. These are precisely the points you need to avoid. Records all the questions that come to mind and keep it handy because a question solved is an answer gained, and an answer gained results in much-needed knowledge which when used can get you places.
  • Attend meetings, seminars and workshops. On your job or otherwise, try to attend events where experts come together in numbers. Network and hobnob with experts. Besides increasing you knowledge, it shall bring you in the company of the right folks who can with time be of great help in more than one way.
  • Use and streamline the use of technology in your daily lives. Practically every activity that we do these days is driven by technology right from the time we open our eyes. Mobile phones are more computers than phone. Same goes for every gadget in the hose. Learn to use them efficiently by visiting sites such as youtube where videos tell you how exactly a product ought to be used to gain its max advantage. Besides using them, learn about all their features so that you can upgrade yourself into using them better.
  • Invest in tech products as part of life. If you can, do buy upgraded versions of tech products. They aid and whet your appetite for more. Use them extensively whenever you get the chance to and learn all there is about them.
  • Inform others! One of the best ways to adapt tech to everyday life is to update others. In doing so, questions are always asked which help us read more and stay ahead on the learning curve. Reading more only makes one more inquisitive. So, give yourself an opportunity which goads you to read more.