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Terry Boyland | CEO | CPQi

CPQi: Driving the Future of Banking

The financial sector faces a constant roller-coaster of innovative strategies as the business world heads into the artificial era. To grow businesses, it has become essential to have complete expertise and technical capabilities to stay ahead in the cutthroat financial markets. To provide this proficient approach with a “Change, De-Risk, Grow” mantra, CPQi (an Exadel company) leads with a focus on digital transformation, predictive artificial intelligence, DevOps, and cloud migration.

Leading from the forefront, Terry Boyland, the CEO, is keen to provide managed services, including building, implementing, & supporting financial market systems for leading American economies.

CPQi’s unique story caught our eye. We caught up with Mitchell Carreiro to share the company’s rooted ideologies that make it one of the best among the peers.

Below are the highlights of the interview:

What was the initial idea behind the inception of CPQi?

CPQi was an idea our founder and CEO Terry Boyland had whilst doing a lot of offshoring globally for one of the world’s largest banks. Some of that offshoring had reasonable levels of success, and others had very good levels of success, depending on the geographic region. When he left, he wanted to see if he could set up a company that was highly skilled and specialized in its area, with the key partnerships that are needed and the right attitude. In addition, as we only work across the Americas, it would be in the same time zone as the businesses we would work with. This would prevent a variety of complications he experienced as a CTO. CPQi was sprung from this desire.

What are the primary objectives and philosophy of CPQi?

As we only work on financial markets technology, our priority is our clients within the financial industry. We ensure that we keep delivering our expertise in both the technological and financial realms our clients operate in. At CPQi, our philosophy is to be hungry, humble, and smart. We’re very loyal to our team and help them foster the skills they need to succeed. We have a range of internal learning programmes, including CPQi university and our internal digital platform, which our teams use for upskilling and service enhancement purposes.

What are your top-notch offerings that have a strong foothold in the industry?

CPQi focuses on delivering digital transformation, predictive artificial intelligence, DevOps, and cloud migration. We provide managed services, including building, implementing, & supporting financial market systems for leading American economies. Our services differ from others in the market because we are more specialized in modern methodologies and technology and because our team is trained in both technology and the sectors they work in.

What are the roadblocks that CPQi faces in the ever-changing landscape of the business world?

As with all growing businesses, we carefully consider our growth to match our cash flow. People businesses tend to burn cash at a higher rate than manufacturing and product-based ones. Banks are also more willing to fund things they can own. Over the years, our management team has become adept at determining where we invest to ensure we are not only creating the right growth and profit for the company but also where it is morally correct to do so.

How is your company adapting to market orientation?

With careful market research and a willingness to grow and improve, CPQi makes a point to keep close contact with existing clientele to see what we are doing well and also what we can do better. As our services continuously evolve, we must keep the “white-belt” mentality to ensure that we are always learning and improving for the needs of our target consumers.

What is your stance on implementing innovative technologies?

Without question, technology is shaping the world, especially in the financial sector. Innovative technologies such as RPA in banking are the key to streamlining and improving business operations and processes. Wherever possible, CPQi encourages organizations to look more closely at how to leverage RPA in banking and other innovative technologies to gain a more competitive edge.

How does your company give back?

We believe heavily in corporate social responsibility; a few organizations we contribute to consist of the following:

  • We support Evertreen in planting trees.
  • The Alzheimer Society of Niagara.
  • Instituto de Apoio ao Queimado to assist burn victims.
  • Pirambu Digital is an innovative educational program that prepares disadvantaged youth in impoverished neighborhoods for careers in technology.

What is the next chapter for CPQi?

As CPQi was just recently acquired by Exadel, a global software consultancy and engineering company, the next chapter would be fully integrating our company with theirs. So far, this has gone exceptionally well, as they’re a like-minded organization. We are very excited to see what the future holds for us and exadel, together.