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Salim Faroukh | President & CEO | Domain 6

Domain 6 Inc.: Transforming Real Estate with a Solution-Oriented Approach

While choosing the best option from countless solution providers for any domain, what truly matters is the technical and business approach to solving all problems. Equipped with a stellar 100+ years of technology experience, helmed by a multidisciplinary workforce possessing a wealth of problem-solving knowledge, Domain 6 is delivering the best package in the real estate and property management industry. It is a Gold Microsoft Dynamics 365 partner focused on optimizing real estate company processes and employee productivity.

The company is built on the principles of trust, communication, and realistic goal setting, which makes it resolve issues and make better business decisions at every step. Salim Faroukh, President & CEO, brings valuable experience in deploying and delivering end-to-end industry-specific solutions for businesses. He aspires to continuously innovate and build a strong digital transformation pathway for the company to prosper.

We at Insights Success had an insightful interview with Domain 6’s President & CEO, Salim Faroukh and found out more about the company, its vision, and its in-depth workings:

What was the initial idea behind the inception of Domain 6?

Domain 6 was founded after years of experience in big corporations such as J.D. Edwards, Microsoft, and Hitachi Solutions. We felt the need for a strategic boutique-style system integrator that brings industry-specific expertise with unique technology to help organizations digitally transform. We are primarily a system integrator with a focus on Asset, Project, and Service intensive organizations.

What are the primary objectives and philosophy of Domain 6?

We are a strong advocate of having talented people deliver great solutions in a friendly and professional environment. Our team is made up of a diverse workforce bringing a wealth of industry, technology, and multinational expertise to our clients. Our main objective is to leverage our talented team members to deliver excellent solutions to our clients, and we are driven by passion, fueled by knowledge, and guided by integrity.

What are your top-notch offerings that have a strong foothold in the industry?

We have learned that even though tech is used broadly across different departments in the uber asset and project-driven businesses, it is always siloed, and almost all good software vendors in the space we serve have some good point solutions, but none have an end-to-end offering covering the Asset Lifecycle or the Project/ Service lifecycles. By bringing the Microsoft technology together: Microsoft Dynamics 365, Microsoft Azure, Power Platform, Microsoft IoT, and AI, we connected the tech to serve the five pillars of real estate: Owners, Operators, Developers, Facility Services, and Brokerages. So, our differentiator and uniqueness come from the Asset Management Accelerator and Royalties and Payouts Management Accelerator. With these solutions, we are able to deliver a full-scale end-to-end solution to our clients, which covers all their business needs on a single cloud platform, with an ability to connect to any 3rd party solution out there, and powerful business analytics with full Microsoft Power BI enabled.

What are the roadblocks that Domain 6 faces in the ever-changing landscape of the business world?

We understand the importance of continuous innovation and make it a core of our company. The technology landscape changes so quickly, and the competition is so fierce out there that we make it our priority to always watch closely how our customers’ needs are shifting due to market conditions, and we have a team that can quickly adjust our features roadmap to ensure we stay ahead of the game and pivot quickly if needed. Our sales cycles are long, so it is very important for us to build long-lasting relationships with our prospects and closely listen to their needs and priorities. Therefore, we can serve them with the most relevant solutions and build a strong digital transformation pathway together.

How is your company adapting to market orientation?

Our main focus is asset-intensive organizations such as real estate and construction companies. Even though organizations are moving towards more and more automation, we feel that the next move in this space is Smart Assets and predictive models to support the market changes and demographics. Here is an example of a scenario that can illustrate the change we are referring to, changing and guiding the traffic at a mall to drive more foot traffic to a particular area. This can be achieved by having the loyalty apps track the locations of potential clients in the proximity of the targeted assets, pushing notifications promotions, and guiding them to the easiest parking stall, or even reserving the parking stall next to the shop they go to most often, etc. Another example is targeting ads on social media to an audience that fits a certain demographic criterion that you need to improve the occupancy of a property – starting from your unit availability report and connecting it to a LinkedIn or Facebook.

What is your stance on implementing innovative technologies?

We have seen the most innovation in the past 30 years – from the innovations in cellular phones to progress in electric vehicles. During those 30+ years, most industries adopted tech at a different pace. We believe that the next decade will hold more technology advancements than the previous 30 years combined. We are no different. We see ourselves at the forefront of this transformation, working hand in hand with the clients we serve to adopt advanced AI, IoT, and Augmented reality solutions.

What is the next chapter for Domain 6?

We are expanding our footprint beyond real estate focus and shift now towards three markets: asset-driven companies, project-driven companies, and investment-driven companies. That being said, we are still highly focused on end-to-end offerings for the real estate industry and adopting IoT and AI to support the companies’ needs.

On top of that, we are expanding our market to include utility construction and facility management companies, oil & gas organizations, professional services firms, architecture and engineering companies. We also are working with Microsoft to support the cloud transformation for organizations that are currently using on-prem versions of Microsoft Dynamics so they can eliminate those huge maintenance costs and free up their technical resources for more strategic objectives.