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Joe Westhuizen | CEO & General Manager | Baseplan Software Group

Baseplan Software Group: A Leader in ERP Software for the Rental and Hire Industry

Integrated ERP solutions provide Companies the opportunity to streamline and improve their processes, drive efficiencies, improve Customer Service and adapt to an ever evolving business world. One such leading ERP solution provider is Baseplan Software Group.
From mobile field solutions to rental management, Baseplan offers reliable business intelligence software designed to keep its clients one step ahead of their competition. It provides clients with world-class technologies that harness the importance of asset, service and parts and streamlined rental management. Baseplan’s software delivers scalable, tightly integrated and modulebased systems, including an integrated financial module, to offer a solution that embraces industry best practices with customized solutions.
Since its inception in 1986, Baseplan Software has, and continues to evolve. It has developed and launched, for example, POS integration, Baseplan gateway, Software as a Service (SaaS), Mobile CRM App, Field Service App and a Transport App. Its primary goal was and is to provide a software solution that helps its clients to deliver increased value and service to their customers.
Key Features of Baseplan ERP Software 
The ultimate goal of an ERP system is to update business processes and gain real-time data and business insights that can be used to drive improved business decisions. Baseplan offers ERP Software Solutions designed specifically for the Rental, Fleet and Construction industries. It develops, sells, and implements its own systems, ensuring industries get the highest level of competency and professionalism. Baseplan ERP system includes essential functions like:

  • Equipment Management: Baseplan Software specializes in equipment and asset management solutions. It provides equipment maintenance software for business with the tools to effectively manage rental or fleet items. Its benefits include keeping track of equipment, applying integrated operations management, preventative maintenance systems, bar coding, and stock control.
  • Financial Management: Baseplan ERP software aims to simplify financial reporting and effective allocation of resources. A fully integrated financial management software solution provides considerable advantages, including the creation of invoices, automatic accrual processes, monitoring live access to profit and loss statement, and cycle billing – all contributing to the effective and efficient management of a business.
  • Customer Management: Baseplan Software gives businesses the tools to manage customers before, during, and after the sales cycle with integrated customer relationship management software. The software does this by managing leads, existing and potential customers, an integrated sales quote module and efficient contract creation all supported by extensive reporting capability.

Managing Customer Relationship 
Baseplan provides the most advanced and integrated business management solution available for customers that sell, service, and rent inventory and equipment. The company focuses on providing customers with best practice advice & process-improvement recommendations to gain greater visibility of their business activities, increase efficiency, and vastly improve business performance. The entire team at Baseplan is instrumental in supporting customers with world class solutions. BMA (Baseplan Mobile Application) eliminates complex manual and paper-orientated procedures, allowing staff to engage more productively with customers, on the move and in the field. It also allows customers to access their business information anytime, anywhere.
A Glimpse of the Future 
With rapidly expanding business operations, workplaces are not limited to workstations anymore. Mobility is driving smarter businesses with a future-ready approach. Baseplan has recognized the need for enterprise flexibility and has developed a suite of intuitive mobile solutions for the hire and rental industry. In response to the increasing demand for on-the-go software, the organization has developed a state-of-the-art mobility application platform – BMA (Baseplan Mobility Application).
The biggest challenge companies in the hire and rental industries face is to find an ERP that meets and addresses their unique requirements. Baseplan, through its three decades of experience in hire and rental, understands the specific needs of this industry and is able to offer a fully integrated ERP that addresses the unique requirements of this industry. By focusing on a market-specific segment, and by not trying to be everything to everyone, the software group is able to stay ahead of its competitors in the hire and rental industry. Baseplan will continue to enhance its position as the leading provider of software for the hire and rental industry by providing the core ERP solution around which companies build their unique ecosystems of information solutions.
“Success is something you have to go and earn,” says Joe Westhuizen, the CEO and General Manager at Baseplan. Joe has spent over two decades in and around the ERP ecosystem. He has worked with and for companies implementing large and mid-tier technology solutions, in both the Public and Private Sector. He has thrived on building and leading teams, creating and crafting the right teams, with the right vision to grow and prosper. From the USA to Europe and Australasia he has supported organizations going through a significant change driven by technology implementations.
“Baseplan allows us to accurately measure our business, to set up KPIs in terms of efficiency, and in the end, that really helps us to improve out support to our customers.”- General Manager, JLG Industries.