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Don Waters | Co-founder & President | BC Systems

BC Systems: A Leading Provider of ERP Solutions

Since its inception, ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) has been the backbone of many large businesses and public entities, so these larger enterprises have dominated ERP usage. Until recently, there have not been many ERP options available for the small and medium-sized businesses (SMB) or public entities, as they did not have the funds or technical proficiency to adopt complicated and very expensive ERP solutions. Today, no business is too small for an ERP solution that is easy to use, powerful and yet affordable. ERP helps any business, whether it is a manufacturer, distributor, service-based, or public entity to measure and control all aspects of their operations from personnel, materials, inventory and accounting. It combines great usability with vertical market functionality.
Understanding Small and Medium Businesses and Public Entities
Founded in 1984 as BC Computers, Inc., BC Systems specializes in browser-based ERP solutions and progressive technology for SMBs and public entities. Its team helped pioneer the use of cloud-based solutions, recognizing early on the affordability and flexibility of these systems. BC researches and determines the daily needs of each company, learns what works for them and what does not, and provides solutions to both old and new business problems with a high degree of functionality and success. The company’s expertise is in designing and implementing highlyconfigured, integrated business management solutions. Today, BC is helping companies and public entities to better manage their internal resources to maximize productivity and to revamp their operational processes with ERP solutions to be more forward-thinking, scalable, manageable, and cost-effective. As a result, profits and efficiencies increase through the use of properly applied technology.
Right Choice to Solve Problems 
Priority® is a true ERP platform that will allow SMB and public entities to stay ahead of the change curve. It is a fully HMTL5 product, so it can run within any browser, whether the server is on premise or in the cloud. It is purpose-built to handle rapidly changing and dynamic business needs. Flexibility and expandability are the core features of this platform. BC’s approach is always to apply the right pieces of the platform in the right way to solve the given problem in a simple, straight-forward manner. By creating highly configured mobile apps for just about any function in Priority® we can help those working remotely or at customer sites quickly and cost effectively. BC is proud to provide innovative and affordable web-based technology and practical business management solutions based on Priority® ERP.
Future Plans with ERP 
Businesses are now seeing changes at the speed of light in a highly dynamic global economy. Customers expect and demand more from their suppliers, and citizens expect and demand more from their local governments. The key is to have a solution with the proper attributes and tool-sets for flexible change. BC Systems works very closely with its clients, to fully understand not only their needs today, but where they see changes heading in the near future. BC looks to provide continuous management consulting services to its clients, beyond the standard services needed to install, implement and use an ERP on a daily basis. BC is always looking at new and innovative ways to use Priority® and its deep functionality to enhance the work environment of its clients, and to reduce friction in running their business or public entity.
About the Leader 
Don Waters is a Co-founder, and has been President of BC Systems since its foundation in 1984 as BC Computers, Inc. As a chemist, he put his technical capabilities to good use in deploying Priority in some highly technical environments such as for Analytical Chemical Testing, BioPharma manufacturing, and other high-tech environments. He has also used his expertise in many distribution, service companies, as well as with public entities, to meet very specific and unique needs. Understanding workflow processes, and applying business rules to that flow, is one of the key areas of his expertise. BC is a unique solution provider, as a result of these experiences that Don and his team bring to their clients. BC is all about creating long lasting, mutually beneficial relationships with its clients.
“Very few companies get what we do in its full scope, of creating cradle to grave instrumentation for air flow calibration. BC not only gets it, but has helped us improve on our processes and our response times to our customers in a significant way” – HP – Bios International “Looking back, I could not have predicted the positive impact Priority has had on our business. – EB Biothane USA