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Bassam Al-Khalidi, Co-Founder, Co-CEO, Axiad

Axiad: Leading Identity Credential Management Company

Gone are the days of employees struggling with forgotten passwords, or IT teams wasting time and resources on managing multiple identity credentials. Axiad offers simple credential management so you no longer have to choose between productivity and security. The company’s cybersecurity experts offer an ongoing partnership for all your identity management requirements. The Axiad SMARTidentity solution will help you diagnose issues, implement solutions, and maximize resources.
Axiad brings experience and knowledge, combining its expertise with industry leaders to implement & manage identity solutions that protect organizations.
Providing life-long Customer Partnerships
Axiad was founded by industry experts with extensive backgrounds in developing, deploying, and managing identity and access management products. It has experienced first-hand the challenges associated with implementing and managing mission-critical identity systems, as well as what enables their success.
Axiad’s accumulated expertise is foundational to its business strategy. The company is driven by its customers’ business needs. The organization’s focus is to create value for the customers by addressing their business objectives with innovative and cost-effective solutions that minimize implementation and user adoption challenges.
With the SMARTidentity solution, Axiad endeavors to make life easier for IT leaders, helpdesk teams, and the end-users. Because of this focus on solutions that can make their customers’ day-to-day lives more productive, it has seen success and builds lasting customer relationships.
Best in Class Security Standards
There has been a real need for flexible, passwordless authentication tools that can be deployed and managed from anywhere. Many companies have started deploying multiple credentials to meet their various use cases for remote workers, but multiple credentials can be difficult for both IT and the end users to manage.
Axiad’s SMARTidentity solution enables businesses to accelerate their journey to passwordless, no matter where their employees are. It offers a unified platform to manage all your credentials that your business requires. This takes the complexity and confusion out of multiple authentication platforms and enables users to manage their credentials from the cloud, no matter where they are.
Combating Security Threats
The transition to remote work has introduced new security concerns – now employees face increased phishing scams, new security policies, and multiple credentials to manage. People are the new perimeter and securing their identities should be every organization’s top priority. Axiad’s SMARTidentity smartly scales to an enterprise’s evolving security needs of today and tomorrow, accelerating and simplifying the path towards passwordless.
Key features:

  • Axiad Airlock: SMARTidentity is the only solution to offer Airlock, which allows organizations to restrict a user’s access to their full system until they take specific, company-assigned directives. This could be updating an expired credential, completing security training, activating a new device, etc. Airlock drives the right security best practices and behaviors from employees no matter where they are working, without fully locking them out of their corporate network.
  • MyCircle:SMARTidentity offers MyCircle, a feature that allows users to gain emergency access to their system without contacting IT. If a user is locked out, they simply go to their pre-designated coworker to confirm their identity and give them access to the system and resolve their credential issues. This eliminates the need for vulnerable one-time passwords and eliminates help desk calls.
  • One Click Issuance:Competitors offer complex, multi-step processes to issue and activate credentials. With SMARTidentity’s user portal, Axiad provides One Click Issuance, a streamlined process to enroll any credential within seconds. This empowers users to take charge of their credentials without losing productivity.

Simple but Effective Solutions
Axiad’s key solution for customers is the SMARTidentity solution. SMARTidentity enables the most secure and simple passwordless authentication experience, regardless of which authentication method/s is adopted (PKI, biometrics, tokens, TPM, smart cards, etc). The all-in-one Axiad Cloud platform allows every credential’s lifecycle to be managed consistently in one place, providing a cohesive experience for the business and its users, including privileged and non-privileged users.
An Excellent Problem-Solver
Bassam Al-Khalidi, Co-Founder & Co-CEO has over 15 years of experience in designing and deploying identity and access management solutions across large government, enterprise, and healthcare organizations. He is a leading expert in CAC/PIV smart card and PKI deployment, and has been involved in multiple enterprise-class ID badge deployments over the last several years. He has held a variety of management and senior technical roles for established industry leaders, including ActivIdentity.
Workforce of the Future
The future of authentication requires a high trust MFA solution for both users and machines no matter where they are, without compromising on the user experience. Axiad believes that lasting businesses focus on customers, not competition. Over the last ten years, the company has listened to its customers and developed products based on their needs. That’s why it chooses to deploy its solution as a virtual private cloud for each customer, and that’s why it has developed features such as One Click Issuance and Airlock.
Axiad is thrilled to raise its first outside financing with a $20 million growth round from Invictus Growth Partners. Within the next five years, it plans to use this funding to expand its team and the product offering so the company can continue serving its customers and developing authentication solutions they need.