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Mike Hill, Founder and CEO, SensiPass Ltd

SensiPass Re-imagining Knowledge Based Authentication

While the internet-powered superhighway has led to an explosion of digital connections and routes to engage online with each other, the consistent rise in cybercrime demonstrates how the cybersecurity industry is lagging behind. Authentication solutions are monotonously focused on authenticating devices and not real people, and this needs to change. Offerings that focus on taking pictures of oneself and an ID card for things like customer onboarding and vaccination IDs, invite fraud and manipulation. The industry needs to retain, not eliminate the human element in the process of user authentication as well.
User authentication via an all-inclusive, human element approach is what SensiPass sets out to do, and the principle around which all its solutions stem from. Mike Hill is the Founder/CEO of SensiPass. From his first start-up as a keyboardist in a garageband, Mike has had a passion for combining technology with adventure. His background in risk management, security and technology commercialization led him to re-engineer the approach to authenticating digital identity with SensiPass. As a founder and thought leader in the space of authentication solutions, he drives the innovations behind the product, and engages consistently with industry leaders in an effort to maintain the organization at the leading edge. Mike earned his BSc in Business Administration from Cardinal Stritch University in Wisconsin.
Utilizing Memorization of Interactions
The invention of SensiPass was spurred by people with sensory challenges such as dyslexia and blindness that could not memorize passwords. To solve this, SensiPass replaced passwords with interactions, such as a trace upon the biometric selfie, a movement pattern on one’s smartphone, or by speaking a memorized response to one’s own verbal challenge.
Interactive Platform for User Authentication
From this patented concept, SensiPass has built a product portfolio of passwordless 3-factor access control solutions for various critical use cases. These serve, not only to overcome the password problem, but as our relationships with computing technologies becomes more interactive and immersive, serves as a user authentication platform for all the emerging new user interfaces.
Creating Highly Secure Solution
All the products of SensiPass center around providing a solution that enables any particular user to interact with some biometric of their own using the computing interface made available to them at that time. There are two new products SensiPass is particularly excited about right now. One is ImmersiveID, its interactive 3FA login for immersive environments such as AR/VR that requires the user to manipulate virtual objects to gain entry to a private immersive environment.
The other product SensiPass is excited about is a new 3- factor dynamic digital signature to improve enforceable accountability in critical supply chains by having users prove their identity at critical events. SensiPass is currently integrating this into a physical access control system to create a highly secure cyber-physical access control solution. Both products are currently being offered to organizations on the SensiPass interactive platform.
Protecting Assets from Criminals
The COVID-19 pandemic has forced much of the population to connect from the in-person world to the digital world, driving people to building relationships online, many for the first time, and leaving them vulnerable to all sorts of criminal attacks. Social media companies are being sued for allowing fake identities to be asserted on their websites and solving this problem manually is cost prohibitive. Staying ahead of criminals who are fast-moving and laser focused on building sophisticated AI weapons is a real challenge for the typically slow to react traditional enterprise. SensiPass as a recognized thought leader in interactive identity assurance systems, enables organizations to protect digital, physical, and human assets from internal and external offenders.
Authenticating People, not just their Credentials
SensiPass provides strong multifactor authentication without passwords, PIN codes or extra hardware, and improves the security of biometrics by up to 3X. It simply makes biometrics smarter. SensiPass serves companies in markets controlled by regulatory constraints to improve security and compliance such as financial institutions, healthcare, and critical infrastructure. These organizations are accustomed to sacrificing convenience for security. While SensiPass is unique in the ability to offer all 3-factors of security, its approach inherently improves convenience and usability as well, which further enhances its value proposition. SensiPass aims to improve digital security for companies and their end users by authenticating people, not just their credentials.
Challenging the Status Quo
Mike’s advice to those who want to venture into the authentication solutions market is to have a bold dream and stick to it. He points out that the industry needs a paradigm shift and if criminals are not using 20–30-year-old approaches, neither should the industry. One needs to leapfrog ahead of criminals well beyond what is used today, Mike adds. SensiPass encourages and embraces out-of-thebox thinking, and to challenge the ins and outs of the current status quo. The entire SensiPass organization is passionate about its vision and is always inquiring how its platform can be applied to the latest challenges. It has developed successful partnerships with organizations that have complementary capabilities and a similar perspective on cybersecurity. Mike believes SensiPass solutions are posed to be recognized as trailblazers in the user authentication market over the next 5 years.