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Fabian Eberle, Co-Founder & COO, Keyless Technologies

Keyless Technologies: Protecting Privacy of Enterprises through Passwordless Multi-factor Authentication

The increasing shift to online work during the pandemic and study shone a light on many of the weaknesses and vulnerabilities in the cybersecurity industry. Those businesses who hadn’t upgraded to new security technology prior to the pandemic have since rushed to adopt emerging cybersecurity solutions especially those relating to authentication and identity management. The pandemic catapulted enterprises into an era of digital transformation, with more employees, contractors, clients, and users accessing private systems and data remotely and outside the security perimeters of office buildings than ever before.
To protect against threats looking to exploit this crisis, enterprises need authentication solutions that offer high assurance that an end-user is who they say they are without complicating the login experience. Because of this, the authentication solutions market has benefited greatly from the pandemic, a period of great hardship for many. The silver lining is that it pushed businesses to embrace newer technologies that are more intuitive and secure.
Keyless Technologies expects to see enterprises embracing emerging passwordless solutions at a much faster pace than pre-pandemic. The passwordless solutions of Keyless Technologies are helping its customers enhance security and improve customer experiences, while also guaranteeing strong compliance with cross-jurisdictional data-privacy laws.
Scaling Exponentially
One of the leading lights of the company is Fabian Eberle, the Co-Founder and COO. In 2019, Andrea Carmignani, Paolo Gasti and Giuseppi Ateniese and Fabian Eberle cofounded Keyless Technologies, a deep-tech cybersecurity company that is pioneering privacy-first biometric authentication and identity management solutions for the enterprises.
Keyless Technologies had originally set out to create a universal authentication solution to end threats caused by compromised user credentials, while simultaneously transforming how users interact with digital services and applications. The company has scaled exponentially since then. As of next month, it’ll have 40+ employees and have launched several enterprise-grade authentication and identity management solutions.
Pioneering Innovative Solutions
Keyless Technologies is driven by vision to create a world where anyone can seamlessly access any digital service from any device, at any time, while keeping personal credentials safe, private and under control. It is a deep-tech cybersecurity company, founded by leading cybersecurity experts and experienced entrepreneurs, pioneering innovative solutions to enable organizations to seamlessly authenticate their users without having to store sensitive information.
Ensuring Secure Authentication in Milliseconds
The zero-knowledge biometric authentication solution by Keyless Technologies is based on more than 10 years of research on cryptography and biometrics. It is the first to enable companies to securely and privately authenticate users in milliseconds, using distributed nodes that can cryptographically guarantee the correctness of the authentication procedure.
Keyless Technologies eliminates the need for businesses to store and protect biometric data, passwords, personal cryptographic keys, and other sensitive information without compromising on convenience and privacy.
Leveraging Privacy-enhancing Technologies
The team at Keyless is building passwordless authentication and personal identity management solutions that leverage advancements in privacy-enhancing technologies and multimodal biometrics. It currently offers the Keyless Authenticator™, a standalone passwordless multi-factor authentication solution and the Keyless SDK™, a white-labelled software kit that its customers can integrate directly into consumer-facing applications.
With Keyless, businesses are finally able to adopt zero-trust security, eliminate passwords, ensure privacy compliance, and deliver unified authentication experiences across every touchpoint.
Enabling More User-Centric Authentication
The main difference between Keyless and its competitors is how it stores and processes private authentication data. At Keyless, its team leverages privacy-enhancing cryptography to securely store encrypted authentication data in a zerotrust, distributed cloud environment – rather than in a centralized database or within a user’s device. Its proprietary method for storing authentication data is beyond GDPR compliant, eliminating the threat of biometric privacy breaches (as it doesn’t store or process personally identifiable information), while also enabling more usercentric authentication to digital applications, devices, and systems.
Spearheading the Development of New Solutions
The biggest mistake a technology company can make is slowing down on innovation because they have a product that is popular and fits the current market. At Keyless, its team knows it must continue to spearhead the development of new solutions to remain relevant in the ever-evolving threat landscape.
Part of its long-term strategy is to pioneer the development of new technologies that will support the future of biometric authentication and digital identity. This will ensure that it has some of the world’s most renowned privacy and security scholars leading its research and development teams, who together are pioneering user centric solutions leveraging artificial intelligence, machine learning and zero-trust cryptographic systems.
Advising Future Leaders to Build Team Sustainably
Fabian advises budding entrepreneurs to remain small and agile in the early stages of starting one’s company. One should take the time to figure out one’s product/market fit and build a team sustainably. He also advises them to not be afraid to ask others for help or take risks and be open to critique and new ideas.
Unleashing the Potential with Best Technologies
“The integration with LUISS and Keyless is a concrete example of the potential that can be unleashed when best available technologies come together. We’ve each approached this integration with openness, flexibility and safety in mind. In doing so, we’ve been able to ensure thousands of students can continue with their studies, pass their exams and graduate” — CEO, Cisco Italy, Agostino Santoni