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Luc d'Urs, CEO | ATEMPO

ATEMPO: Preserving Data Ecosystems

In the early 90s, when organizations worldwide faced two crucial challenges of increased dependence on IT and a growing volume of digital information, Atempo introduced the concept of time navigation. It allowed users to access all backed-up files at any time, restore the files that had disappeared at an exceptional speed, and reduce downtime in case of a major disaster.

Since then, Atempo has become renowned worldwide with its expertise in conventional data protection, preserving data ecosystems for mid-sized and corporate organizations.

The Paramount Need for Security

Data has powered the 21st-century due to its peculiarity of being an infinite resource. Humankind’s digital traces between records of connected have and can continue to be exploited to create value. An organization’s ability to exploit and protect the data it produces or retains will give an organization a sustainable competitive advantage.

Atempo constantly witnesses fluctuation in data environments, which act much like ecosystems. Like a natural ecosystem, the data ecosystem evolves over time. To thrive, it must maintain its balance, resist aggression, and recover without delay.

“Preserving data ecosystems” is the Atempo baseline that defends this concept and puts data, the most valuable asset, at the heart of the ecosystem.

The Best of the Best

Atempo provides backup solutions for workstations and servers and migration and archiving solutions for large volumes of data. It is the last line of defense against cybercriminal attacks, the remediation component when the prevention defenses have been breached. Atempo’s solutions are designed to meet the major challenges:

Exploding data volumes will rise from 97 zettabytes globally in 2022 to 181 zettabytes in 2025 (Source Statista). With its Data Management platform, Miria, Atempo is one of the few multi-petabyte vendors with technology that scales to match storage growth and efficient data management.

New work methods and data storage in silos: Atempo and its Data Protection platform addresses the challenge of backing up data to a private or public cloud when users work remotely. Millions of companies today work with Microsoft 365, which provides M365 data backup and restore solutions. Atempo delivers a robust solution that extends beyond the Microsoft data retention periods to back up and protect the long-term confidentiality of M365 data. It also offers a continuous data protection solution to protect the workstation files.

Cyber risks continue to be a growing threat. Atempo provides solutions for continuous data protection and time navigation for rapid recovery. Its storage is also inaccessible to cyberattacks when combined with air gap solutions (no virus or malicious encryption tool can penetrate an offline tape) or immutable storage (S3).

Tackling the Data Challenges

The current situation requires companies to consider two major challenges:

A strong desire for reinforced confidentiality for business data entailing a rapid evolution of rules and regulations on protecting privacy data in Europe and in many other countries (CCAP California, Japan, Africa …)

A clear need for trusted solutions caused by Geopolitical frictions: the war at the gates of Europe brings companies to realize the value of data in the digital industry. Today, cybercrime is used as a weapon of massive destruction. To defend against such threats and to avoid dependency on overseas solutions, organizations must rely on sovereign and trusted solutions.

Atempo provides a sustainable approach as shortages affect numerous sectors: natural resources, energy, electronic components, etc.

Staying Ahead

Atempo is, above all, an engineering company. It avoids blindly following the competition and certain trends or hype, which often turn out to be ephemeral. Atempo seeks out concrete benefits of actual technological revolutions from which the customers will benefit. The company concentrates on customer satisfaction by offering trust and loyalty. Atempo’s primary goals are availability, responsiveness, and the provision of relevant information. Working closely within the ecosystem helps Atempo make sense of each experience. Lastly, having a global presence, Atempo is committed to maintaining a strong and ethical global presence. We create value in any country where we conduct business.

Atempo provides organizations with trusted solutions that are designed to meet their requirements. For example, to help French organizations secure their digital transformation and the explosion of collaborative work, the company recently partnered with Microsoft and Be-Cloud, a French-based integrator, to offer an M365 data backup solution dedicated to resellers. This exclusive collaboration enables SMBs to use M365 with total peace of mind knowing that their data is protected, through a powerful and flexible SaaS solution, with competitive pricing.

A Unique Take

Extracting value from unstructured data, machine learning, and AI will be at the heart of many business drivers. Ensuring big data is available for analysis and value extraction will be crucial for many. It has led to the creation of a dedicated innovation and research center in Orleans, France, known as Nextino. Nextino has a team of data scientists working on specific AI applications geared towards moving and managing very large data sets. Soon, Atempo’s customers will be able to store and exploit their data where they want and when they want and managing very large data sets. Soon, Atempo’s customers will be able to store and exploit their data where they want and when they want.

Atempo has been the only major European player in the industry for over thirty years. The company has evolved with each new technology while maintaining a clear focus on protecting corporate data and ensuring its confidentiality. Atempo’s independence from hardware vendors and its immunity to the Cloud Act set it apart from other players on the market. Its strong points are:

Disruptive technology without following major marketing trends, focusing on what is best for the customer. Open innovation (involving vendors, system integrators, and customers) to meet its customers’ needs Sound engineering with an average of 14 years in the storage sector per developer Strong technological and strategic partnerships within our ecosystem (storage vendors, distributors …)

What Lies Ahead?

The data backup and storage industry is evolving at a frenetic pace: data tsunami and an increasing proportion of unstructured data force organizations to adapt fast or disappear. To meet the requirements of enterprises (multicloud strategies, high-performance storage to support the growing volumes of data, and more effective data management solutions…), Atempo takes advantage of the most innovative technologies (AI, machine learning, IoT…) and leverages its powerful ecosystem. The objective is to provide Data Protection and Data Management solutions with flexibility, agility, and capability to perfectly meet customers’ expectations.