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API’s and New Technology: Features to Make Your Website More Interesting

You’ve done the heavy lifting and taken the necessary steps to build your website, but it seems a little boring. You’ve noticed that it isn’t as interactive and interesting as other websites you’ve come across.

This could be because you haven’t added interesting features to your site to help bring it to life. Fortunately, there are many features that can be added to a website to make it more interactive, and many of them are free. 
Section for Comments
Nothing helps bring a website to life like a comments section. Comments allow visitors to weigh in on the content you have posted. It also gives you the opportunity to gauge what other people think about your site. Chances are, not every comment will be favorable, but if it’s an honest assessment of your content, it should be considered fair game.
There will, of course, be some comments that are simply mean-spirited and have nothing to do with the content you posted. Other comments may simply be spam from people trying to promote their sites or sell something. You’ll be able to hide or delete these types of comments to prevent visitors from being distracted by them.
Weather Information
Even with the prevalence of weather apps on our devices, many people will appreciate being able to check their local forecast on your site. Weather information can be in different formats and may provide useful information that your visitor isn’t aware of. It can also be a good way to make your site look more polished.
Another good thing about incorporating weather information is that it’s something that can be added relatively discreetly, so it won’t be something that detracts from the overall appearance of your site. 
Audio Player
Adding audio to a site can help it take on an entirely new dimension. Music adds atmosphere and character, so it can help to give your site a particular ambiance. Of course, whether or not music is appropriate will depend on the type of site you have, but why not offer visitors the option?
Audio can also be a great addition to a site if you have original music that you want to showcase or that you want to complement other content on your site. And the audio doesn’t have to be music. Maybe you have an interesting voiceover or commentary that you want to incorporate into your site.
Site Search
Giving visitors the ability to search your site can be especially helpful if you have a lot of web pages. Think about the person looking for something specific like acne treatments, and your site has hundreds of medical-related pages. You can’t expect the person to search every page looking for the topic they’re interested in.
The site search icon is also one of those things that can help give your site a more professional look. 
Live Chat
Live chat is one of the many technologies that you may want to integrate into your business site. You might want to consider it a supplement to other customer service options that you’d provide your customers. Of course, you’ll have to be willing to commit to live chat by demand or set designated times. Live chat could also be a good way to obtain immediate customer feedback.
Social Media Stream
You could consider your personal website an extension of your social media or simply add a social media feature to your website. This gives your visitors insight into your life and activities outside the context of your website. Streaming your social media feed on your site can also be a welcome break from the confines of the site.
Now that you’ve put in the time and effort to build your website, you want to make sure people find it interesting enough to visit it. Adding features such as a comments section, weather information, an audio player, and others could be the key to help bring your site to life. Features that are integrated into a well-designed site with engaging content are win-wins for site creators and visitors alike. 

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