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Airlines hit due to Coronavirus, 25 passengers on a 256 passengers

Airplanes have been deeply impacted due to Coronavirus. A flight from Mumbai to London to cost Rs. 46,000 only. These flights usually cost over Rs. 80,000. On the 6th of March, Turkish Airlines offered the same price with a 75-minute layover in Istanbul. On the 6th of March, one could book a ticket from Delhi to New York, land in the US and come back after Holi for a meager price of Rs. 80,000 with an advance booking done just before 24hours.
In the case of this novel Coronavirus, many of the international airlines have reduced the price of the air tickets to dirt cheap. After this reduction, yet there were only a few buyers. A flight from Singapore took off with only 25 passengers in a 256 seater plane. A similar case with the London-Mumbai flight landed in the country with only 60 passengers in the economy section. The outbreak of the COVID-19 has diminished airlines fare drastically after 9/11.
Besides the flights to the US, all other destination flights have been severely hit. East Asian destinations, all flights to West Asia, Dubai and Abu Dhabi have also been severely hampered. Mumbai or Delhi residents could book flights to and from Dubai or Abu Dhabi for a minuscule price of Rs. 13,000. All destinations including Paris, Zurich and numerous other European spots have been devoid of flight fare.